Cats Meets Dog, and Vice-Versa

It seems most of these cats don’t know what to make of puppies. And of course the puppies want to play, because that’s what puppies do. Sometimes they can hit it off right from the start, but most of the time, for the cat, it takes some getting used to.

And there’s a puppy in this video who’s gotta be part-hamster, because he’s no bigger than a hamster. He confuses two cats at once.

6 comments on “Cats Meets Dog, and Vice-Versa

  1. We had a baby Pomeranian we named Overtime because I was able to buy him for my daughter with overtime money. He lived 18 years and became our dog when our daughter went to college. once when we babysat a cat for the neighbor on one Christmas Eve, we had to put a barrier between Overtime and the kitten – maybe in time they could have been friends like he was with our house rabbits.

    1. We had a tough situation, having promised to mind my family’s dog while they went on vacation–but a stray cat had just had her kittens behind a cushion in our living room.

      But the two of them worked it out. They established an invisible dividing line down the middle of the living room, neither of them crossed it, and they kept the peace.

    2. FYI: I just got a ping on my iPad that the Arkansas River that flows next to Fort Smith has reached and all-time record high level because of all the rain the Midwest has been receiving of late. Some people in town have been helicoptered to safety. Many sections of residential homes have had to evacuate. And the river is to hit five feet higher by tomorrow afternoon. Glad we live in the center of town at an elevation (Fort Smith is hilly).

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