Byron and His Mom

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Lee is outside writing The Wind from Heaven, his new book, and he said I could post one more picture here–but just one, he doesn’t want the whole family album.

This is me and my mom. Her name is Francesca. That used to be Robbie the cat’s name, but she didn’t want it so my mom took it. I am supposed to be learning how to run this blog when Lee’s not here. My mom says she always wanted me to be a blogger. A lot of quokkas have blogs, but not many people know that. You’d be surprised how many famous blogs are really quokka blogs.

I guess I will take a break now and see if there are any french fries available.

5 comments on “Byron and His Mom

  1. I can see we’re going to keep demanding more and more about Byron, who’s not only boopable but eminently huggable. What are his favorite french fries? Crinkle cut? Steak fries? Shoestring?

  2. Hmmm…. I wonder which of the other blogs that I read may be quokka blogs? No matter, Byron, I remain faithful to your blog. Or co-blog. Or whatever this is….

    Your mother is lovely, Byron. Tell Lee we want more pictures of you. 🙂

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