‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

I love this old Scottish hymn–Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill.

Please, everyone, pray for my wife, Patty, that the Lord might heal her. The doctor didn’t do us any good–all those tests, no diagnosis. *Sigh*

3 comments on “‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

  1. I am sorry to hear this, and I have been praying for her, and will continue.
    I am hearing similar stories all around; doctors not helping, people in dire need and getting nowhere except for big bills making life even more difficult. Obama care- boy, what a mess.
    Our God is able.

  2. This isn’t to cast aspersions on your doctor, Lee, but I’m afraid medical schools no longer teach the art — and it is an art — of diagnostics. Today doctors rely so much on technology to figure things out for them they’ve never developed — or have lost — the ability to observe and intuit an individual patient’s situation. Of course, most doctors today don’t really get to know a patient well enough to observe subtle changes in the patient’s condition — or to notice patterns of symptoms in single patients or groups of patients.

    1. I had a doctor that could do that, but she suddenly retired–fed up with commuting from New York, I expect.

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