‘Oh, Boy! No More “Hate” in Cyberspace!’ (2016)

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They’re so mad!

Suddenly my wife’s Facebook page was filled with libs saying the president should be assassinated, wishing death on him and his family, spewing hot, steaming hatred all around. This in spite of Facebook’s announced intention to rein in “hate.”

Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ in Cyberspace!

It only counts as “hate” if they say so. Apparently it’s not “hate” if leftids do it.

The yops wailing about “hate speech” are the biggest haters around. Half of them actually sound psychotic.

So she had to de-friend her liberal friends. If she wanted to listen to that, she could get a job as an asylum keeper.

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    1. Well, some left-wing loon did just that on Patty’s Facebook page… and Facebook didn’t censor it.
      Apparently it’s only against the law to threaten to assassinate Democrat presidents. When leftids speak of killing *our* president, that’s AOK with the ol’ social media.

  1. It always has been seen as a crime– until now, it seems. Europe is experiencing all this same kind of madness and the disease is spreading like a black oil spill on the ocean. If it were not for the Lord in my life, I would be hopeless He will only allow this insanity for a short time more, and then, it is over.

  2. Oh, how I remember during the Obama years, where anyone who even mildly criticized him was obviously racist. The internet is a cesspool, with people casually wishing death and destruction on others. The Bushes ignored it, for the most part, but during the Obama years, even the slightest hyperbole and trollish ranting was taken as serious threats. Meanwhile, here in Canada, we had all sorts of death wishes and threats against then PM, Harper, which the leftists here (who just loved Obama) justified, supported and excused.

    Now we have our mini-Obama, and suddenly hyperbole is taken as threats, and he maintains a massive security entourage (at taxpayers expense, off course; the trust fund baby won’t pay for anything, himself). Then Trump gets elected, the left blows a gasket (on both sides of the border) and what they used to decry as hate, racism, viable threats and violent rhetoric, they spew out like volcanoes, and still claim it’s the “right” (meaning; anyone they disagree with) that is hateful.

    Oddly, I don’t see much of this on Facebook anymore. Most of the leftists on my friends list unfriended me. Strangely, it was after a “peace, love and tolerance” type unfriended me that my newsfeed suddenly became… peaceful!

    I’ve said for years, and nothing has yet changed my mind: there are none more intolerant than those who demand tolerance! Sadly, I would now add, there are none more hateful than those who project hate onto those who disagree with them. None more racist than those who accuse others of racism. None more bigoted than those who see bigots everywhere around them.

    What a sad state of affairs!

    1. My wife says, “They simply can’t see it. They really are the thing that they denounce in others. But when they spout hate, it makes them feel righteous.”
      To which I would add: leftism itself is a spiritual pollution, and those who have given into it are not all there.

    2. And yeah, having that worm Obama in the White House for eight years, and having to just suck it up for eight years (which seemed more like 28 years!), without being allowed to say how much you loathed him, that was just about intolerable. No, we just had to grin and bear it and pretend everything was hunky-dory for the eight longest years in America’s history.

  3. That pretty much sums up Fake News: Hate. Today the MSM is making a big deal about pointing out in their coverage of President Trump and First Lady in England with the Queen that Trump called their American princess “nasty,”. Not true – he only said her comments about him were nasty. He actually said some very nice things about her, but the MSM won’t have any of that.

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