‘Glenn Ford, Homicidal Maniac: “The Man from Colorado”‘ (2015)

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We look at the damage which judges do nowadays and wonder, “Were they always this bad?”

Well, they might’ve been…

Glenn Ford, Homicidal Maniac: ‘The Man from Colorado’

This offbeat Western is fun! Playing way against type, Glenn Ford is a newly-appointed judge whose newly-acquired power goes right to his head. Sometimes an actor can really show his stuff in a role like this, and Ford took full advantage of the opportunity. Hey, a judge who turns into a predator as no joke!

Maybe I’ll watch this again, this weekend.

5 comments on “‘Glenn Ford, Homicidal Maniac: “The Man from Colorado”‘ (2015)

  1. That sounds like an interesting flick. For a minute, I thought you had devoted a post to me, but I was born slightly too late to have been a homicidal judge in post Civil-War Colorado, although I reserve the right to self-identify as one and to order the hanging of anyone that uses the wrong pronoun when addressing me. 🙂

    1. Yep, today I’m “Xi Homicidal Maniac” and if you get it wrong you can wear an inverted necktie made of sturdy rope. 🙂

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