Dems and Iran–in Cahoots?

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I’ve been asked for my take on the current flap with Iran. So after reading up on it, I’ve put on my Political Science/International Relations hat… and here we go.

The regime in Iran needs a war to distract its public from a failing economy, continual oppression, and a deep sense of going absolutely nowhere.

America’s Democrats would like nothing better than to see President Trump get bogged down in an endless, unpopular, and unwinnable war in the Middle East.

The situation is ripe for a quid pro quo. “We’ll start a war and get Trump stuck in it, you guys win the White House… Then we stop the war, and the new Democrat president resurrects the Iran nuclear arms deal that Trump canceled, and we get a couple boxcars full of money, our own nuclear weapons, and the sanctions get lifted. And it’d be nice if you guys put a stop of developing American energy resources, so we can go back to scalping you with the price of oil.”

How often do they have to catch former Obama administration apparatchiks, notably ex-Secretary of State John Kerry, playing footsie with Iran? Which, by the way, is against the law for them to do–no privately-conducted foreign policy allowed.

Do I believe Obama, Kerry, and the rest of the Dems are capable of doing a dirty deal like this, and able to carry it out?

I’m very much afraid I do.

2 comments on “Dems and Iran–in Cahoots?

  1. John Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian-American physician. Trump was right when he said Kerry was the worst negotiator America has ever had. Thank God, Trump is not taking the bait to attack Iran on such flimsy circumstances (although that U.S. drone shot down cost over one million dollars).

    1. Kerry has been caught several times trying to hatch deals with Iran under the table, now that he’s out of the government. I would love to see him prosecuted for this.

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