Our Contests Are Running!

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G’day! It’s me, Byron the Quokka, eating a leaf. And the way readers are snoozing over our current contests, you’d think the winner was only going to get a leaf. Crikey!

We have a comment contest going, whoever posts Comment No. 47,000 wins an autographed book. Would you believe we’re still some 1,500 comments short?

Then there’s the Bell Mountain Trivia game, whoever gets the most right answers to our 20 questions will win a bicycle–whoops! I mean an autographed book. So far only one reader has volunteered an answer to the first question: Where does the best wine in Obann come from?

Ms. Crepuscular says “Connecticut” but I’m not counting her answer. I’m in charge of the contest and I won’t accept silly answers.

Well, I told Lee I could run these contests for him, so I hope I don’t wind up looking like some poor man’s wombat. Join in, everybody!

15 comments on “Our Contests Are Running!

  1. Don’t lose heart, Byron. And you are not a wombat. I, myself, have only read Bell Mountain through #9. The Question didn’t ring any bells so I didn’t offer an answer, but I am looking forward to the other contest questions.

    1. And what is the batting average of a wombat? (Oh, wait…. Was your question part of the contest?)

  2. I don’t remember where the best wine came from, but based on the topography and climate, my guess would be Durmurot!

    1. Heidi, you and Joshua have the right answer–the best wine in Obann comes from Durmurot.

      Everybody else–the second question will come up sometime this week. There will be 20 in all. So get ready!

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