‘I Stand Rebuked’ (2016)

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I gave up on this one when the Sumerian hero’s immortal half-human mother started calling him ‘Gilgy’…

I’ve seldom been so disappointed in any fiction series as I was in Brian Godawa’s novels of life before the Great Flood. And I’ve seldom gotten so much pushback from a book review.

I Stand Rebuked

This guy wrote great movie reviews, and fascinating appendices; but his retelling of Genesis turned it into a cliche-packed summer movie script. “Disappointing” is hardly the word for it. “Bowel-wrenchingly awful” is barely adequate for descriptive purposes.

At least it wasn’t as hard as reviewing a book written by a friend.

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  1. Just because someone is great at doing one specific thing doesn’t make them automatically great at doing something quite different. Brian Godawa is such a heavy in the intellectual realm, and his idea of a story about life before the Flood is intriguing, but to fill it with tripe dialogue is disappointing to say the least.

  2. I’ve read fiction about that time period and found that most of it was pretty far out there. There’s little to go on, except the imagination.

    1. I think we can be sure beyond even an unreasonable doubt that the people of Noah’s time didn’t speak in buddy-movie cliches.

    2. Most likely not. Truly, there’s hardly any information about that time period. That civilization was wiped away, completely and the Bible only has the sketchiest of information regarding that time.

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