‘A Grim Little Insight from History’ (2016)

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These observations by Gibbon on the fall of the Roman Empire were very much with me throughout the unhappy days of the Obama regime.


One thing I’ve learned from history: people never learn from it. We still offer “entertainment” as a substitute for life. We can’t seem to get rid of government officials who are so bad, so incompetent, so determined to amass power as an end in itself, that you’d swear they were doing it on purpose.

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3 responses to “‘A Grim Little Insight from History’ (2016)

  • unknowable2

    That sounds as if it could have been written about current events. I’m astounded by the number of people who think that not working and living on the dole is a lifestyle choice. I’m equally astounded by the number of people who think that the events in some television serial program are significant and should be talking points at work the morning after the program is aired. Bread and the circus, all over again.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Rushdoony in his cassette collection on the history of the world describes the overthrow of Rome. The Visogoths came into the Roman Senate and the senators all stood there like frozen statues as they were slaughtered. When a country loses its will to survive, it is just a matter of time until it collapses from within.


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