‘What Do You Think? Or Do You Just Not Think at All?’ (2013)

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I like to re-post this every two years ago, for the benefit of readers who missed it last time around.

Why people believe in Global Warming…

What Do You Think? (Or Do You Just Not Think At All?)

You can go a whole day without hearing anything that qualifies as reasoning. If you spend a lot of time in the nooze, make it two days.

Somewhere down the line, you have to declare your presuppositions and start from there. The Christians’ presupposition is that the Bible is the word of God and therefor true. We reason up from there.

But the presupposition that all “science” is true… well, today’s settled science is tomorrow’s quaint little superstitions.

3 comments on “‘What Do You Think? Or Do You Just Not Think at All?’ (2013)

  1. Propagandize something long enough and you can get people to believe anything. As the earlier post mentioned, they won’t know why. The sad thing is, they are just as fervent about their beliefs as they would be if they had known them to be factual.

  2. Just like there is true religion versus false religion, there also is true science verses false science. Bill Nye, who is not a scientist although dubbed Mr. Science on TV, was on the Tucker Carlson Show. Tucker was asking him legitimate questions about the settled science of climate change but Nye would continue to butt in and deflect the questions being asked; i.e. don’t question us or we will just shout you down and call you names. You can watch this exchange on YouTube.

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