Getting Rather Blatant, Isn’t It?

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Well, it’s “non-people” and it’s got a “color”–green. Would they charge this plant half-price?

Organizers of the “AfroFuture Fest” in Detroit have backed off their scheme to charge double to “non-people of color” to attend (

“Non-people of color”? They meant “white people,” of course, because racism directed at white people is always A-OK with leftids. But it reads more like “non-people”–pandas? elephants? house plants?–who happen to be “of color.” Anyway, the idea was to charge $40 a head to whites and only $20 a head to “of color.”

The good news is that it didn’t fly. One of the rappers on the bill said she wouldn’t perform if they went ahead with charging white people double for admission. She calls herself biracial. Lots of people are. And then the online ticket seller said they wouldn’t sell any more tickets, and would remove the festival’s page from the program, if the organizers wouldn’t change their minds. They changed their minds.

It is a sin to stir up racial animosities for whatever half-baked reason.

But it seems there is still a reservoir of decency left in many people, whatever their race, who simply refuse to go along with this. And this time their decency prevailed.

For which we give God the glory.

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6 responses to “Getting Rather Blatant, Isn’t It?

  • Erlene Talbott

    It gets nuttier every single day.

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  • unknowable2

    IOW, they are discriminating on the basis of race. That’s illegal.

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    • leeduigon

      Not if you do it to whites–as every collidge does.

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      • unknowable2

        As late as the sixties, there was institutional discrimination based upon skin color, although it was mostly confined to the South. That was terribly wrong and needed to be corrected. In 1964, a landmark law outlawed such discrimination at the Federal level and, although there was some resistance, segregation came to an ignominious end with that act.

        Somewhere along the line, things changed and programs were implemented to provide assistance to groups which had suffered under institutionalized discrimination of the past, but this amounted to another form of discrimination. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    My skin can get really dark in the summer with a deep, rich tan. Does that make me a person of color? Are we really entering days where if you even have a drop of white blood running in your veins you have to pay double? Whites in America are in the majority but whites in the world are a minority -this is so unfair so the country must be torn apart to make it equal is what the Left is proclaiming between the lines.

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