Where Did Everybody Go?

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Imagine my disappointment when I dragged myself to the computer this morning and found only 14 views waiting for me, instead of the usual 30 to 60.

I went to bed early last night and got up late today: these allergy attacks are coming at me every two weeks. They last about 48 hours, as in 48 hours of hell. I guess that’s progress: it used to be 72 hours.

Patty suggested I see a doctor; but if I find my way into one more waiting room, I’ll go stir-crazy.

Well, here’s hoping things pick up today. It could be worse. There could be nobody here at all.

But I do hope I wind up this morning with better attendance than a Beto rally.

24 comments on “Where Did Everybody Go?

  1. Sorry things are going like this. They are not going that hot for either. Maybe today will be a better day, let’s hope.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Sundays are always good days: the world was made on a Sunday, and redeemed on a Sunday too.

    And about your question… I think it is Orth, aka Sunfish.

    1. The sooner the better!
      Remind your readers that they can always come here and click “Books” for covers, blurbs, sample chapters, and more information.
      I need all the help I can get.

  3. Sorry I haven’t been around much this weekend. It’s been a weekend from (shall we say?) the hot place, the one with the unquenchable fire. To wit: A meeting –and a church meeting at that — that really did seem to be sponsored by the Hot Place; Iggy going into one of his sick spells again; my friend Susan in New York (the friend with Parkinson’s) in a terrible situation and her sister and myself, both far away from her, unable to get help for her, even after the sister flew to NYC last week and tried fruitlessly for an entire day to get help; and in general, not your basic weekend vacation from toil.

    When I said to a friend after the meeting that what had happened had taken my breath away, I was speaking literally. I could hardly breathe. Not a lung problem, but a cardiovascular problem. Someone parked a truck on my chest. Then I went home and gave Iggy his lunch, which he promptly threw up. Then I noticed an email from Susan’s sister that was nothing but the word “Susan” and a line of screaming emojis, so I had to call her — and meanwhile, Iggy threw up again … and again….. Ah, it’s been a lovely weekend.

    Is that a good enough excuse for my absence? I can’t use “the dog ate it,” but I hope “the cat threw it up” will suffice.

    But the quokkas helped a bit. So thank you for them, and don’t stop.

    1. Oops, the part about someone parking a truck on my chest wasn’t literal; only the part about not being able to breathe was literal. 🙁

    2. That’s a bad weekend, all right. You’re in my daily prayers.
      I’ll try to make “Oy, Rodney” extra funny today. A lot of us need a good laugh.

  4. I’m here! Not sure if I show as a “view” in the system when I just look at the digest from email without clicking anything. Hope your allergies improve. I know how miserable that can be.

    1. I’m still recovering from Saturday’s hellish meeting — and I’m about to go out on errands, so I won’t be around this afternoon. But I remain faithful naetheless.

      It’s been a long time since I last used the word “naetheless.”

    2. You must be feeling better, or you never would have resorted to “naetheless.” Sir Thomas Malory would be proud of you.

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