‘Hashtag This’ (2015)

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If ever the world needed hashtags!

What a pity they didn’t have hashtags in Noah’s day. He could’ve turned it all around and averted the Great Flood.

Hashtag This

Well, you can’t save a culture that doesn’t want to be saved. Western Europe has a death wish, and we’re not far behind. But that we’re behind at all still counts for something.

So, by all means, throw hashtags around; but much more to the point, pray, repent, testify to the Lordship of Jesus Christ the King of kings, and plead with God The Father to intervene. It may be He will hear us.

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  1. If only the Bible had been written in hashtags. 🙂

    It amazes me how selective this world can be about things. There is a quiet phenomenon of cancer deaths related to Human Papaloma Virus, which is spread through sexual activity. As it turns out, people whom are promiscuous can be exposed to numerous strains of this virus and have a greater likelihood of developing certain cancers, but you don’t hear about that very often.

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