‘No, No… Not That! Aaaaagh!’ (2014)

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What is the point of being a fairy tale character… if you’ve still got to go to high school?

Don’t you hate “franchises,” that start out as movies or TV shows and mutate into dolls, action figures, video games, and books? They keep selling you the same material in all these different forms. When I was a liquidator, this stuff kept me busy.

“No, No… Not That! Aaaaagh!”

With the Ever After High franchise, the thing that goes clunk in the night was a freakin’ high school. I dunno, maybe things have changed; but when I was stuck going to high school, the last thing in the world I’d ever want to read about would be a high school.

I know they’re trying to make money out there. But do they have to kill off the imagination to do it.

Note: We’ll be doctoring again today, so again normal service will be disrupted. In the absence of new posts, please enjoy the archives.

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  1. Prayers for you as you go to your doctor. I will be doing likewise, hoping to get just a little help…maybe. Blessings to you.

  2. I really enjoyed high school, and still have many friends from my high school days (though some have passed away). College was another story – the professors were on such an ego trip. I did make the best of it, going to college for six years while I worked jobs to pay for it. I enjoy academic environments, but high school was more fun for me. I was the MC at our 50th high school reunion in 2016.

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