Daffy Dogs

I guess domestication has encouraged dogs to shed some of the inhibitions they must have had as wild animals. Now they feel free to behavior in ways that are… well, inexplicable. What in the world are they doing? Why keep trying to sit on the other dog’s head? And of course there’s always “Oh, boy–dark, soupy mud! Why don’t I wallow in it, and then go home and jump up onto the sofa?”

It passeth human understanding.

6 comments on “Daffy Dogs

    1. Patty’s dog once decided to have a nice roll on top of a dead seagull. I am so glad that happened before I met her.

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what was happening with the two dogs in the tub. Was the dog causing all that turmoil, or was it some kind of a spa with bubbles?

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