Where Are Our Crab Cakes?

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First I want to thank all of you who’ve sent Patty and me your greetings and felicitations for this day. So many good wishes! They do mean a lot to us.

Second… Where the dickens are our crab cakes? They were supposed to be delivered today, but no sign of them yet.

For our 40th anniversary I wanted to buy us lobsters, so I went to the supermarket a few days beforehand and reserved two lobsters so that I could get them fresh on August 8. I went back on the appointed day to pick up our lobsters–and there weren’t any! Nope, no lobsters today, boyo–sorry! Wit you well I was highly cheesed off. After all, you only get one 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted it to be a special occasion. Well, it was, of course–but without the lobsters.

I also ordered a gift for Patty last week, and that’s not here, either.

*Sigh*   And fap.

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