The Quokka Hop!

We went out to Wegman’s to get an anniversary cake–and hum-baby, the traffic! Lucky to get back in one piece.

I was going to show a video of caecilians, so you’ll know what the folks in Scurveyshire will soon be up against, but this hopping quokka video stole my heart. I am glad it stole nothing else.

I’m not able to identify this particular quokka, but Byron says it looks like Uncle Shinbone hurrying off to a lost city rumored to exist somewhere on Rottnest Island.

And now it’s time for Patty and me to celebrate our anniversary. See you this evening!

Where Are Our Crab Cakes?

Image result for images of crab cakes

First I want to thank all of you who’ve sent Patty and me your greetings and felicitations for this day. So many good wishes! They do mean a lot to us.

Second… Where the dickens are our crab cakes? They were supposed to be delivered today, but no sign of them yet.

For our 40th anniversary I wanted to buy us lobsters, so I went to the supermarket a few days beforehand and reserved two lobsters so that I could get them fresh on August 8. I went back on the appointed day to pick up our lobsters–and there weren’t any! Nope, no lobsters today, boyo–sorry! Wit you well I was highly cheesed off. After all, you only get one 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted it to be a special occasion. Well, it was, of course–but without the lobsters.

I also ordered a gift for Patty last week, and that’s not here, either.

*Sigh*   And fap.

Today Is/Was the Day

Image result for images of maryland is for crabs t-shirt

Today’s our 42nd anniversary, and I’m wearing one of the T-shirts I bought on that first trip to Maryland, our elopement. It’s just like the one in the picture, although of course it’s 42 years old and I have to be careful with it.

Our low-key festivities today will feature a monster movie, rented by Patty yesterday, and really nice crab cakes for supper–and “really nice” is an understatement.

We crave tranquility today, so you won’t find me spending much time on the nooze. I want to take a bike ride before it gets too hot, and maybe post one more thing up here this morning–and so I’ll see you all a little later on. 🙂