So *Who’s Going to Investigate This?

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Now this bird will never sing.

The big nooze this weekend was pedophile peddler Jeffrey Epstein’s, er, suicide while being locked up in what’s supposed to be an ultra-maximum-security prison. And not to go all conspiracy on you–but do you know anyone who thinks it really was a suicide? I don’t.

Ah! But the Justice Dept. is gonna get the FBI to investigate!

The FBI… the FBI… Wait a minute! Isn’t that the bunch of crooks who tried to undo our last presidential election? Do we want them investigating anything?

I grew up hearing that the FBI was the straightest of the straight arrows, incorruptible cops protecting us from the worst criminals on the planet.

Ha, ha.

Thanks, Obama! The perversion of the FBI, after decades of honorable service, is a big part of your legacy.

And all of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to vote Republican–and I know those candidates stunk on toast, but still!–it’s your legacy, too.

7 comments on “So *Who’s Going to Investigate This?

  1. The term currently being used about this “suicide” is “Arkancide.” What’s really telling about the event is that it was being predicted long before it happened. And what’s even more telling is that so many people have begun taking the Clinton Body Count (another term that’s being bandied about) so much for granted that no one expects anything to be done about it, either now or when the next convenient-to-the-Clintons death turns up.

  2. First they say Epstein was found dead in his cell. Then they said he committed suicide. Then they say he hanged himself. But nobody says how he did it – did he use the sheets that are like paper? What did he tie the sheets too? And then after the autopsy was done it couldn’t be concluded how he actually died. No, this is not a Twilight Zone episode, this is the bureaucracy of the New York jail system.

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