‘The Gender Unicorn’? Really?

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Fill in the blank and win a year’s supply of toothpaste sandwich cookies!

“I send my kids to public school to be ‘educated’ by far-out wackos because _______.”

A “teacher” at Denair Middle School, northern California, recently had to be stopped from handing out to his students a worksheet called “The Gender Unicorn,” which asks children about their “sexual preferences” and “sexual attractions” (https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2019/08/09/school-leaders-stop-teacher-from-discussing-the-gender-unicorn/). Wow. Produced by “Trans Student Educational Resources.” The “teacher” instructs his seventh and eighth grade students to call him “Mx.”, not “Mr.”

Why do we have people like this teaching in our schools, on our dime? Why do we have no say at all in what we have to pay for?

The principal said she stopped the, er, “lessons” because the alleged teacher didn’t ask her permission before imposing them… and the parents didn’t like it.

Well, gee, folks! How many times do we have to tell you what’s going on in public schools? Don’t you believe us yet? I say “we” and “us” because it’s thousands of people telling the truth and no one’s listening.

At some point it will be too late to save our culture, no matter what we do.

So let’s not get to that point, shall we?


6 comments on “‘The Gender Unicorn’? Really?

  1. Vigilance is the word. The enemy and his minions are working overtime and so must we in God’s power be on the ready to stand up for the things that are pleasing to the Lord and benefit our little ones in a far better way.

  2. The Left has made it impossible to question (much less disagree) with their various agendas. Even decent “educators” are terrified to make a stink when it is part of the “gay” or the “race” agenda. The best they can do is play helpless because, of course, THEY ARE HELPLESS and a lot of that is our fault for not coming down much harder on this crap in the past. We should have made these people PAY for their wickedness either with their jobs or with their standing in a decent community. Now, perhaps it is too late.

    1. I know what my father and mother, and my friends’ fathers and mothers, would have done if their local school district had hired anyone like “Mr. Mx.” to teach there. But of course the district, knowing how the public would react, would never have dared to do it.

      Teachers are public employees–**our** employees. Why don’t we get to decide which ones we want to hire and which ones we don’t? Why have we no say in who educates our children?

      Out, out, out of public schooling! That’s the only way we get to have a say.

  3. Privatize all education, abolish the Dept of Education (not in the U.S. Constitution), and ask parents to educate their own children with the help of the church and private associations – you know, like in America’s history when we had a universal 95% literate rate.

    1. Yes, let’s step back in history and revisit the educational methods used “back then.”

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