NFL, Rapper, to Partner for ‘Social Justice’

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The NFL despises you, America. Can’t you see that?

Almost too disgusting for words.

The National Football League and rap “music” mogul Jay-Z, an oppressed multimillionaire, have formed a partnership to push a “social justice initiative” and “social activism campaign” to–I hope I can type this without throwing up–“nurture and strengthen the country through football and music” (

Jay-Z supports Colin Whatsisname, the washed-up NFL quarterback who says ours is a lousy no-good racist country. Apparently the NFL agrees, although not to the point where they’d take him back. The public wouldn’t stand for it.

But apparently the public’s tolerance for rap “music,” football, and other forms of culture rot is virtually inexhaustible.

Just for the record: There is no such thing as “social justice.” It’s a meaningless left-wing catchword. There can only be justice for individuals, not whole monolithic groups based on skin color, genitalia, or whatever.

Really, how you can support the NFL and still respect yourself… sheesh.

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  1. Actually, there’s another way to view the term “social justice,” i.e., as a redundancy. Justice, by its nature, must be social, since it involves one’s treatment of another person or other persons. Once other people are involved, we have a social unit.

    The phrase has always grated on me even without its political associations. I’ve been know to object to “shrimp scampi” and “pizza pie” on the same grounds. (Scampi are shrimp, and a pizza is a pie.) 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about “hate crimes.” There are crimes and that is it – it doesn’t matter how the criminal felt or what his purpose was. When law becomes subjective we are in trouble – and are we ever in trouble today!

    1. Especially when only one section of the population can ever be guilty of “hate” (a natural human emotion which liberals cannot help provoking in normal people) while all the others get a free pass.

    2. And I’ve always wondered why a crime — especially murder — done out of “hate” is worse than one done emotionlessly or just for kicks.

  3. I wonder how business is for the NFL these days. Rumor has it that Gillette lost a fortune after insulting their customer base. Will the NFL fare any better?

  4. So the NFL will get more politicized than it already is. I’m glad I never watch it. Colin Kaepernick made himself a pariah by his own antics. He’s had opportunities before but he’s his own worst enemy. He turned down a contract with the Broncos in 2016. Other teams have tried to get him on, but that ended when his girlfriend compared the owners to slave masters. But why play football when playing the victim has paid off so well for him. He got a sweet deal from Nike, and idiot celebs like Jay-Z who will support him.

  5. Well I would say from a publicity standpoint this should be a nightmare for the commissioner (Good ol’Roger).

    Attacking your core audience and not throughly denouncing it can’t be good for business. You would think that the 2017 knelling scandal should’ve been a wake up call.

    1. I am not arguing against the message being unacceptable. Merely that it is an idiotic message to convey if they cared about revenue stream. Why insult and ridicule your patron base? Unless you are looking to suffer more boycotts and losses.

      Clearly America isn’t a racist hellhole. If anything racism, etc, etc is much more prevalent in other countries. That is a dishonest message to proliferate.

      Business class 101.

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