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Preventive Impeachment?

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“When shall we three meet again?” (Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 1)

We now have the House Judiciary Committee Report on why President Donald Trump just has to be impeached. The purpose of this move, says the report, is “not to inflict punishment for past wrongdoing–” eh?–“but rather to save the Nation from misconduct that endangers democracy–” what?–“and the rule of law” (https://townhall.com/columnists/jennaellis/2019/12/09/house-judiciary-report-bombshell-dems-trying-to-change-the-constitution-n2557690). LOL for that last bit.

To translate Dem-speak into plain English: they can’t “inflict punishment for past wrongdoing,” because there’s no past wrongdoing to punish; so what they’re gonna do is inflict punishment for any wrongdoing that the president might do, sometime in the future.

Is it necessary to point out that our system of governing ourselves is not “democracy,” but a republic? The terms are not interchangeable! To speak of the United States as a “democracy” has only two purposes: to bamboozle a poorly-educated audience, or to display the speaker’s own ignorance. Or both.

The formal Articles of Impeachment, proposed by rabidly partisan Democrats, are: 1) “obstruction of Congress” (breaking a law that does not exist) and 2) “abuse of power,” which, in a Republican president, can mean something as simple as being elected in the first place.

And after calling us every low-down name in the book–racists, haters, biggits, stupid hicks, deplorables, xenophobes, etc.–Democrats expect us to rally ’round their flag and overthrow the president that we elected to pull the Deep State monkey off our backs. “Oh, we see the light now! We are so happy that every schmendrick that we send to Capitol Hill comes home a millionaire! We are so happy that Bernie Sanders owns four houses! And that Joe Biden’s son was earning more than $50,000 a month for a no-show job in a foreign country! No more Trump! We can’t wait to get back to business as usual! That’s going to be just so great when you repeal our tax cuts and shower the money on illegal aliens! What a pity that we have to wait for it!”

The day the Democrat Party is put out of business forever, the very sidewalks of America will break out in rejoicing.

NFL, Rapper, to Partner for ‘Social Justice’

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The NFL despises you, America. Can’t you see that?

Almost too disgusting for words.

The National Football League and rap “music” mogul Jay-Z, an oppressed multimillionaire, have formed a partnership to push a “social justice initiative” and “social activism campaign” to–I hope I can type this without throwing up–“nurture and strengthen the country through football and music” (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/nfl-partners-with-jay-z-to-address-social-justice-issues/ar-AAFLbND).

Jay-Z supports Colin Whatsisname, the washed-up NFL quarterback who says ours is a lousy no-good racist country. Apparently the NFL agrees, although not to the point where they’d take him back. The public wouldn’t stand for it.

But apparently the public’s tolerance for rap “music,” football, and other forms of culture rot is virtually inexhaustible.

Just for the record: There is no such thing as “social justice.” It’s a meaningless left-wing catchword. There can only be justice for individuals, not whole monolithic groups based on skin color, genitalia, or whatever.

Really, how you can support the NFL and still respect yourself… sheesh.

Dems’ Strategy: Wear Us Out

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In the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign–which started in 2016–we’re seeing a rather bizarre political strategy take shape and play itself out right before our eyes.

The Russian Collusion thing having failed, Democrats have moved on to Plan B, The Perpetual Rage strategy. And it’s not a put-on: they really are that mad.

They now think they can win the election by bullying, shaming, intimidating, threatening, scaring, and boring the American people into submission. I mean, what happens if you call someone “racist!” a thousand times a day? Well, if it’s me, I punch you in the nose. But how many people, instead, will begin to say to themselves, “Wait a minute! Am I a racist? Am I a White Supremacist? This is terrible! What do I do, to stop being such an evil person?”

Yeah, everyone who doesn’t vote for whatever rug-chewing dwock the Dems nominate is a racist. You’re already a racist, even if you don’t know it. The only way to salvation is to vote for Democrats and obey every command given you by a leftist.

Meanwhile, to make sure you get the message, they’ll dox you, threaten you, softly mention that they know where your children go to school, and just keep it up, every day, every hour of every day, until America is forced to scream for mercy. “All right, all right, you win, here’s the keys to the White House, here’s the freakin’ government. Now just shut up already!”

“Give us what we want and we’ll stop yelling at you.”

This is a novel approach to politics. “Vote for me because I hate your guts!”

But they’re not kidding. They do hate us. They hate our country and want to “transform” it into something else. Believe me, you don’t want to see what.

America needs for the Democrat Party to be swallowed in the quicksand of history. Forever.

‘The War on Normal People’ (2016)

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They’re after our scalps

*Batteries Not Included was still president when I wrote this, and he and his playmates fully expected Careless Clinton to be elected and spend the next eight years finishing the job they’d started–and finishing off America.


But a funny thing happened to Hillary on the way to the White House: thank you, Our Father in heaven. Every day shows us more and more what kind of cannonball we ducked in that election.

Now the Democrats are madder than ever; and if they get back into power, we will feel the full weight of their wrath. They will crush, ravage, and shred America.

Don’t let it happen.

The Easiest Question in the World to Answer

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In the wake of yet another ballyhooed “hate crime” revealed as a hoax–instantaneously embraced by every prominent Democrat, celebrity, and nooze media dullard–a writer for PJmedia.com asks what has to be the easiest question in the world to answer:

“Why does the media keep falling for obvious hoaxes?” (https://pjmedia.com/trending/why-does-the-msm-keep-falling-for-obvious-hoaxes/

Ooh-ooh, I know! I know! [Raises hand, waves it furiously; jumps up and down in seat]

Uh, it’s because they want these stupid stories to be true!

They have this “narrative”–euphemism for “stupid mythology that only a real jerk would believe in”–that says America is this hateful, violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, no-good stinkin’ place that perversely refuses to allow itself to be ruled and managed and dictated to by liberals. So naturally us Americans attack Persons Of Color and Proud LGBTQ Persons every chance we get. We usually wear our MAGA hats, too, when we do it.

So some drip of a TV celebrity manufactures a “hate crime” and every lib shouts their outrage from the housetops–and it turns out not to be true.

Mark Steyn once said, commenting on yet another phony hate crime, “Now they’re mad at us for not hating them enough!” Bullseye, brother.

But the fake nooze media want those stories to be true, so whenever they catch the scent of one, they run with it. And when the lie trips them up, they immediately start hunting for another.

They Need Us to be Guilty

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The Left has harsh words for everyone who isn’t them. The rest of us are racists, haters, biggits, white supremacists. All men are guilty of sexual harassment. We’re anti-science (gasp!), climate change deniers. We’re trying to impose a theocracy. Even the smallest dissent from their position is a hate crime. And so on.

Why do they do this? I mean, okay, sure, it’s projection–they’re consumed with hate, so they call us haters. I get that. But there’s more to it than just projection.

They need us to be guilty. Their ideology demands it. Their whole mind-set demands it. We’ve got to be guilty, or their whole psychology collapses.

Because if we’re all guilty, that entitles them to lord it over us. Because they’re righteous. Because it makes them better than us. It is at the root of their core belief that they have a right to rule us as they see fit. And it’s why they get so deliriously angry whenever we reject any of their de luxe fun pack of socialism, open borders, carbon taxes, transgender, abortion, speech codes, censorship, and all the rest of it. How can we be so ungrateful, so mean, as to spurn their utopian projects? How can we be so perverse as to block their construction of an earthly paradise? Don’t we understand that they’re The Smartest People On The Planet?

They cover up their deep self-hatred by hating everybody else. They seek to cure themselves by promoting themselves to gods. Having rejected the true God, they hunt for a replacement in the mirror: doesn’t take them long to find it.

Leftism is incurable by ordinary means, and certainly by the means that they adopt. They can never fill the hole. As soon as they got “gay marriage,” they shifted right into “transgender.” If they get that, they’ll go on to something else. They will never get enough. They will never be appeased. The gaping void within their souls will gape forever.

Because only Jesus Christ can fill it, and Him they reject.

Pray for them to receive the sovereign grace of God–and never stop working to defeat them.

Leftid Journalist: ‘Drown Conservative Students’

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I don’t know what the word “journalist” means anymore. It apparently includes this leftid jidrool who thinks collidge prefessers should do more to conservative students than just lower their grades.

He wants them to drown conservative students–waterboard them to death (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10486). Someone suggested he was only joking, but the “journalist” tweeted, “I am not joking.”

The Loving Left again. Real sweethearts.

I believe him when he says he isn’t joking. I read history. I know what people are capable of doing to each other, and it scares me but good.

Look what his buddies did in Soviet Russia. These are not nice people.

They must be utterly and forever defeated.

Solid Objects Are Racist!

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Solid objects are inherently racist, and anyone who handles them, or even looks at them for long enough, will become a racist–according to the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center.

In a new pamphlet issued by the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center, People You’re Supposed to Hate Because They’re Not Us (25 pages, $55.99), Grand Pooh-bah Caspar Schmendrick says, “The systemic racism of America has tainted everything from coffee tables to those little metal frogs that click when you squeeze them in your fingers. And just about all the people in this country are tainted, too.”

Even worse, he adds in the last paragraph, “Most solid objects are homophobic, too.”

Since solid objects are so very hard to avoid seeing or touching, is there any way one can not be a racist?

In the section entitled But There’s Hope!, Schmendrick reveals the surprising and uplifting answer to that question.

“To not be a racist anymore,” he writes, “simply send all your money to the Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center, checks made payable to cash. We will deposit your money in our safe and secure Cayman Island bank account and use it to fight for Social Justice by paying the salaries and benefits of our idealistic staff.”

Schmendrick is also the author of Heterosexuality is a No-Good Christian Conspiracy and a frequent guest on the Antifa Goon Squad radio show. The Southern Poverty Pooh-bah Center reportedly has at least $350 million squirreled away on Cayman Island.

I wonder whose poverty they’re talking about.



Atheists Are Just So Smart!

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Posted as a comment on the youtube page where I found Abide With Me is a message from someone who asserts, “Religgion is fuiction.” Must be a college English major.

They bill themselves as the brightest people in the world, and they can’t even spell. They smooch their reflections in the mirror–but look how mean-spirited they are. But then they always feel entitled to come into your living room and pee on your sofa.

No set of beliefs that attracts this caliber of people can possibly be true.

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