U. of London Bans Hamburgers

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Oh! It’s so hard to do God’s job for Him!

To help control the natural processes of the earth and make Climate Change stop, the Looniversity of London has banned hamburgers–and all other beef products, too (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13568). Because cow farts, dontcha know, make methane gas. We’re doomed.

Yes, the looniversity authorities have declared a “climate emergency,” and, like “pro-choice” big shots everywhere, they have erased another choice–the choice to eat a hamburger.

They’ll have to pry my White Castles from my cold, dead fingers.

Unbelief in God always seems to lead to out-of-control statism, as fallible human tyrants try to do God’s job–which they have to, of course, because He doesn’t exist. So now they’ve got to control the climate. Which they do by taking away your hamburgers. And anything else they think you shouldn’t have.

A prediction: Coming soon, to a campus near you–a ban on hamburgers.

All for your own good, as determined by The Smartest People In The World.

6 comments on “U. of London Bans Hamburgers

  1. Good grief, Charlie Brown! England must be populated by zombies – why don’t the citizens rise up and stop this madness? The BBC now bans any TV commercials that show traditional male and female roles as offensive (this is not a joke – search engine it). If every one on planet earth did all they could for the rest of their lives to give off carbon/CO2 it would not effect the climate in any way – but yes, it would cause a lot of pollution which is not the same thing. What miniature brains have gained control of the world’s power centers.

    1. I know it’s not a joke. I blogged about this pathetic piece of PC twaddle months ago, when they first decided to do it.
      I really do hate this age, and it’s an embarrassment to live in it.

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