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‘To Believe or Not to Believe’ (2014)

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Our “light dusting” of snow yesterday turned into four or five inches, and with record low temperatures across the Deep South–well, you don’t think that’s going to shake any pagan’s belief in Global Warming/Climbit Change, do you?


Really, it’s just too good a gig to give up, and part of the Open Borders/Climate Change/Transgender De Luxe Fun-Pack on sale at Democrats “R” Us, world-wide. Saving The Planet is the unbeatable excuse for every brutal insanity the wannabe masters of the world can think of–

So they don’t wanna hear it’s cold outside!

Where Trannies Rule

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They do get really angry if you don’t obey them.

At Shawnee State University, Ohio, a philosophy professor is suing the school for punishing him for not obeying a “transgender” student (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11507). I’m going to use quotation marks around that word from now on because there’s no such thing as “transgender.” There are only deluded and wicked people who say they are.

Anyhow, this guy wanted the prof to address him as a woman, and when the professor “declined to address the ‘transgender’ student as a female,” the student replied, “I guess this means I can call you a c__t.” And the prof was punished for creating “a hostile environment” in his classroom.

Do they have any idea at all how viciously hostile an environment this “transgender” supremacy creates for Christians–or for anyone else who has at least a toehold on reality?

Hey! Everybody who didn’t vote straight Republican last week! This stuff is what you voted for: to give leftids the false authority to force people to say things that they know are not true, that they know are wrong, and are humiliated by being made to say such things.

That’s what you voted for and that’s what you’ve got.

Facebook Exec Was Fired for Supporting Trump for President

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“No one expects the Facebook Inquisition!”

This happened six months after Election Day, 2016, but they’re only talking about it now: Facebook fired one of its top executives for supporting Donald Trump for president (http://macdailynews.com/2018/11/12/facebook-fired-top-exec-palmer-luckey-for-supporting-donald-trump-for-president/#/). The exec, all of 26 years old, left with a huge golden parachute. A janitor wouldn’t have been so lucky.

This young man, a long-time admirer of Donald Trump, got the powers at Facebook terribly upset when he donated $10,000 to a political action group opposing Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere. They tried to force him to support the Libertarian joke candidate instead of Trump, but couldn’t convince him to back a candidate he didn’t like. Did they honestly expect to?

Again, folks, this is liberalism, this is Democrat Party rule by coercion–and if you didn’t vote straight Republican last week, this kind of thing is what you voted for.

“All things by compulsion” might as well be liberalism’s motto.

He already has more than enough to do; but it would be good for the country if President Trump initiated anti-trust proceedings against Facebook and Google.

Yiu can Ownly EEt Socile Jutstus Iyce Creem!!

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[Editor’s Note: WordPress has torpedoed me again! If you see this post appear twice instead of once, it’s not my fault.]

We,lll our Stodent Soviet we has dunn “a” Big Thing!! We has maked a roole to get “rid of” evry Kynde of Iyce Creem axept Benin Jary’s Iyce Creem becose ownly Benin Jary’s it stants “for” Socile Jutstus and Dyvercity!!! So fromb now on on Campas yiu cant has anny kynde Of Iyce Creamb butt Benin Jary’s and “that Is” howe yiu get Dyvercity!!

Yiu see,, Benin Jary’s Iyce Crimb thay pro-motes Socile Jutstus and Enviarmintle Jutstus and Peple of Culler and Wimmin and E-quality!!! It is aslo good becose “It” is maid in Benin witch is sombware in Affricka like rihght neckst To Swizzerland!!

And So fromb now on yiu cant has “No” uther Iyce Creemb butt Benin Jary’s and in Facked we dunn sombthing Elsse two, we maked “a” roole That yiu has to eet Benin Jary’s Eyes Creemb evry Day or else “it” Is hat speatch and yiu are “a” Hater and a Racist and a Biggit and thare Isnt “no Plaice” four yiu in this hear Collidge and iff yiu Skipp a Day then yiu get Flunked Out of al yore corsets butt iff yiu Eat It evry day Like “we” tolled yiu than yiu get All A”s pluss a ottomatick deegree in Socile Jutstus Studdies!!!!! How abote That!!

We “are” Doiing this “For” Fredomb and Dyvercity and no one thay is aloud to Say any Diffrint!!!

‘University: “No Such Thing as Free Speech”‘ (2015)

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I actually went to this shabby excuse for higher education, Rutgers University. Back then (1967-71), they pretty much beat it into your head that you had to dissent–well, not from what they were selling: you had to “dissent” from what your parents, your church, and your country stood for.

Now it’s even loonier.


Yup, now there’s no free speech at all! In fairness to the past, a lot of the excellent professors that I had would be kicked out today for failure to be Politically Correct.

Trust me on this: We Americans are “educating” ourselves to death.

‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

Y’know what’s worst about life under liberalism? It’s dreary! It’s so sopping-wet, chewing-on-newspaper dreary! Like for instance:


Yes–stop in for a cup of coffee, and get a lecture on “racism” from some left-wing airhead who thinks you deserve it because you’re white.

Please don’t let these idiots get back into power. Vote next week to crush all Democrats.

‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

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Be very, very afraid whenever a liberal pitches anything to you as “smart.” Take it in the sense of “Ow, that smarts!”

Up in liberal Toronto, a top expert has resigned from the management team of a Google-operated “smart city,” part of a bigger project called “Sidewalk Labs” focused on “Sidewalk Toronto,” blah-blah (https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/26/sidewalk-labs-ann-cavoukian-smart-city/).

Why did the expert resign? Because she was very worried that all this “smart city” tommyrot would totally destroy the residents’ privacy. She wanted the data collected from the residents to be made anonymous at the source, but the deciders wouldn’t play ball.

See, they’re busy “balancing the rights–” in Canada some government fat-head is always “balancing rights,” one group’s against another’s, and deciding who wins–“of citizens with the access required–” access to your personal data, boys ‘n’ girls–“to create smarter, more efficient, environmentally friendly living spaces.”

It’s getting so “smart” means “stupid.”

Environmentally friendly, my ass. Have you seen what liberals do to a town, once they sink their fangs into it? Come on over to my hometown sometime and view the wreckage. If any living thing survives their ministrations, it won’t be because they didn’t try to wipe it out. You should’ve seen the glorious beauty of a field of wild tulips that sprang up on Inn Place–totally wiped out. They hunt down beauty like its very existence is a grief to them.

It’s so very sad to see ignorant people’s faces light up when they hear the liberal sales pitch. “Give us your freedom! We’ll take such good care of it!”

It’s both dangerous and burdensome to serve false gods.

‘Your Prayers Aren’t Private Anymore’ (2013)

Image result for images of rainbow white house

Don’t let this happen again… ever.

If you’re even thinking about allowing Democrats to get back into power, revisit this little caper from President *Batteries Not Included’s second term: his IRS, when they weren’t busy rousting and auditing conservatives, demanded to know the content of certain people’s prayers.


Well, I’ve got one prayer for the whole kit and kaboodle of ’em.

Smite them, O Lord!

Turning Loose the Demons

Image result for images of violent crazy protester

Mike Adams, “the Health Ranger,” warns that Far Left Crazies, taking crazed Democrat rhetoric to heart, are getting together on the social media to plot acts of violence and terrorism–including murder (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-30-mike-adams-warns-senators-supreme-court-unhinged-left-kill-teams-home-invasions.html).

Uh, hey, Facebook! Twitter! Didn’t you say something about censoring “hate speech” and any speech that tends to “promote violence”? Oh–you mean conservative speech. Any speech that doesn’t have the Nancy Pelosi Seal of Approval. That’s “hate.”

According to Adams, unhinged liberal wackos are organizing into “kill teams”–again, using the social media that routinely censors and bans non-liberals–to assault or even assassinate conservative senators, judges, radio personalities, etc. They advocate “doxxing” prominent conservatives–that is, releasing their home addresses and other private information to crazed leftids who might want to kill them–home invasions to terrorize their victims’ families, mob assaults on any conservative who might appear in public, use of government databases leaked, on purpose, to left-wing mobs, and, of course, censorship of conservatives by lib-owned social media. You can see that a lot of these things, they’ve already done–including attempted assassinations. 

See, we can’t dismiss Mike Adams’ claims as overstated because the leftids have already attacked people, tried to kill them, censored them, threatened and assaulted them in public. We are not talking about things that these people are averse to doing.

Catchy new Democrat slogan: “Make sure we win the midterm elections, or we’ll kill you.”

Can you imagine what these people’s children must be like? Presuming they have any.

‘Big Brother Still Watching and Still Hungry’ (2015)

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All sorts of monsters crept into the government during the bad old days of Mr. Fundamental Transformation. Here’s what his Dept. of Agriculture had it in mind to do to us.


How badly would you want to live under a government that tells you what to eat, when to go to bed, and when to get your exercise? They say they only want those powers so they can do what’s best for us, because they’re smarter than we are and we simply don’t know what’s good for us. But what really makes this go is an insatiable lust for power over other people’s lives.

Is there one liberal, anywhere on earth, who doesn’t want to control other people?

Probably not.

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