New York’s New Language ‘Law’

New York governor signs new law banning 'gendered language' for professions

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul–she wants to control your language.

In their tireless battle against truth and sanity, New York Democrats have passed a new “law” banning “gendered language” (

Now we can’t even talk without the government shutting us down if they don’t like our language. Can’t say “councilman” or “councilwoman” anymore–nothing is too trivial for them to “regulate.” And you can’t say “prison inmate” anymore: you have to say “a justice-involved individual.”

In addition to being tyrannical, it’s bloody stupid.

There is nothing we can say or do without liberals trying to control it.

What? Are they going to throw us in jail for saying “man” or “woman” instead of “they”? How about “organisms that identify as bipeds”?

But as sociologist Theodore Dalrymple has observed, the whole point of this is to force us to say things we don’t believe, so as to undermine our self-respect and make us easier to control. The Soviet Union did it for 70 years.

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

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Not in California, baby!

If you can’t shut people up, the next best thing, maybe even the best thing, if you’re a dictator, is to compel them to say what you want them to say–or else. At the very least, you destroy their self-respect: makes it easier to control ’em.

And that brings us to California’s community colleges, where aspiring teachers are “required” (they love that word) to teach “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility,” and, of course, “anti-racism”–a euphemism for racism directed against white people (

“Faculty and staff shall (“shall” means “have to”) employ instructional practices and curriculum that reflect DEIA and anti-racism principles.” Oh! And they’ve also got to put “a social justice lens across all disciplines.”

See that? I found another public education outrage without having to look for it. Straight from the California Community College Administration. Every lesson in every subject is to be laced with Far Left Crazy dogma.

Is this blatantly unconstitutional? Or would you prefer “flagrantly”?

It’s “Red for Ed”! On steroids. And all on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

We are paying these people to assassinate our country.


‘Men Can’t Be Lesbians’? Jail for You!

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I wonder why more people don’t run screaming to the sidewalk, trying to escape this evil age.

So… In Denmark, a woman faces up to three years in prison (!!) for saying, and posting it on Twitter, that men cannot be lesbians ( She also said that men cannot be mothers. (Horrified gasps)

This rates jail time? Really? Yeahbut, yeahbut! Some wacko of a tranny complained! Shouldn’t that automatically land you in solitary confinement–or do they only do that to you for trespassing?

Do we honestly want to live in a world where you can go to jail for stating the freakin’ obvious?

The people who are building this prison for us need to be stopped.

‘A World Governed by Satanists’ (2015)

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If everybody does it, we’re done for.

Lesson for today: If everybody did all those things that leftists say are good–like abortion, “sex re-assignment” for children, homosexuality, assisted suicide, and taking drugs–and which they would force us to do, if they had the power–the human race would go extinct.

A World Governed by Satanists

Satan means to unmake God’s creation. Satan wants to wipe us out. And those wack-jobs on the Left will help him do it.

But, as our friend Watchman pointed out yesterday, as bad as it is, at least now we see the threat and know the danger.

Now let’s do something about it.

‘Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: “Religious Beliefs Must Change”‘ (2015)

Hillary Clinton: Trump is too dangerous and unstable to have the nuclear  codes | Hillary Clinton | The Guardian

“Listen up, you peasants!”

Remember how they thought they were going to have Hillary as president and could finally finish off whatever Obama left of America? In anticipation of that happy event, in 2015 libs ‘n’ progs were excitedly babbling about how “religious beliefs”–meaning only Christian beliefs and nobody else’s–would have to “change” to embrace abortion and same-sex pseudo-marriage.

Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: ‘Religious Beliefs Must Change!’

But they hit a pothole named Donald Trump and the scheme had to be abandoned for the time being. Since then, they’ve had to keep it on the back burner. The idea is, “We can’t open the camps until we lock down our ownership of the entire government.”

They never said just how “religious beliefs” would be made to “change.”

Pray we never find out.

Judge Socks It to University: Pay Christian Students $1.9 Million

The payments app is freezing and completely removing people from its  platform for not reading their 27-page-long user agreement.

Ready for some good news, for a change?

When two Christian student groups at Iowa University declined to allow “openly gay” sodomites to lead their groups, the looniversity decertified the groups… because obviously Christian students mustn’t be allowed to have Christian beliefs, let alone practice them.

A federal judge has ordered the looniversity to pay almost $2 million in damages ( He also wondered aloud what on earth made “officials” there think they could get away with blatant religious discrimination.

Well, schiff, your honor–it’s only what every Far Left jidrool of an “educator” thinks should be done! If we locked up every “educator” who felt that way… Hey, tell you what: let’s try it.

Note that this kind of discrimination is only leveled at Christians and Jews. They wouldn’t dream of telling a Muslim student group that they had to have non-Muslim leaders. They wouldn’t do it twice, at any rate. Nor would they ever consider telling the campus BLM chapter to bring in white leaders.

Well, this time they got their fingers burned.

It’ll have to do until we can our university system back down to size–say, no more than 10% of what it is now.

‘Trudeau Exec Order: Believe in Evolution, or You can’t Have a Job’ (2018)

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It’s so hard to write satire, these days. This one actually fooled people. It shouldn’t have, but that’s the times we’re living in.

Trudeau Exec Order: Believe in Evolution, or You Can’t Have a Job

Among mortal men who walk the earth, there’s no bigger fat-head than Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Look at him togged up in Indian garb. What a schmo.

But my hoax wasn’t that far out. Not long before, the Trudeau regime made support for abortion a requirement if you wanted funding for a summer job.

Freedom is not the natural state of fallen man. It is a gift of God, and must be conscientiously maintained.

Otherwise, nincompoops like Trudeau will lord it over you.

‘The Diversity Ice Cream Shop’ (2017)

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Now that we have a–well, they’re calling him a “president”, who poses as a connoisseur of ice cream cones, and thereby fascinates our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media, it’s high time we revisited the Diversity Ice Cream Shop.

The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

By gum, there is only one permitted flavor and heaven help you if you even think about asking for another! If you try that, you’re just asking for a visit to the back room and a beat-down.

One flavor, one vaccine, one political party, one health care plan, one opinion only on any conceivable subject–that’s diversity! And we’ll achieve it if it kills us.

Which it just might.


Warning Us Off Bonanza

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Now they don’t want us watching vintage TV westerns. Like Bonanza.

If you want to watch Bonanza on TVLand, first you get a bright blue screen with a warning on it:

This program contains outdated cultural depictions. Viewer discretion advised.

What? “Outdated cultural depictions”? You don’t say! Y’know, I thought there was somethin’ fishy about that show! Like, nobody had cars or cell phones. And I didn’t see one transgendered person!

Whose ridiculous idea was this? Like, maybe we might want some outdated cultural depictions, just to get out of the cultural septic tank we’re living in today. For just an hour we can pretend we’re somewhere else–a world where we aren’t perpetually nagged by imbeciles.

They don’t post warnings for shows whose contemporary cultural depictions include perversion, cruelty, and enough trash to turn the Grand Canyon into a landfill. They don’t advise viewer discretion for that.

The wokies want to reach into your living room and tell you what you can watch on TV. If they had their way, there’d be no freedom, ever, anywhere. No escape into the past. No acknowledgment that there ever even was a past. Nothing but the deadly, dreary, soul-annihilating mental landscape of their own Far Left spiritual abyss.

I pray I’ll be able to laugh at this someday, as some temporary buffoonery that has passed away forever.

Warren, Schiff, Want to Suppress ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Books

The books have been burning | CBC News

Burning and banning books has always been a feature of modern tyranny.

A U.S. Senator and a U.S. Congressman have called on to “change their algorithms” to direct customers away from books critical of the government’s COVID “vaccination” campaign (–because anything not sanctioned by the government is “misinformation” and “leading countless Americans to risk their health,” blah-blah.

Yup–it’s Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren–how come claiming to be a native American, when you aren’t, isn’t “peddling misinformation”?–and Rep. Adam “Impeach Trump!” Schiff who now want to get into the business of book-banning. They haven’t demanded that the books be burned in bonfires, but that’s only because that’d be really terrible optics.

Once again, we have the pro-choice crowd trying to take away our choices. It’s a bad habit.

And I suppose I’d better get back to writing mine before they try to ban it. Being a novel, my book is not in the least factual.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a full-blooded Cherokee descended from a long line of chiefs from France and Germany?