‘Why Humanism Leads to Statism’

An Urgent Message from Mark Rushdoony

(Good stuff at the Chalcedon website this week; I’m happy to share it with you.)

Mark Rushdoony has hit the bullseye with this one. Humanism always leads to statism.


Humanists get rid of God, leaving the state–that is, themselves–as the highest possible authority. I know it’s hard to account for what happens next without a concept of Original Sin–but as Christians we have that concept, so we can understand humanism’s inevitable drift into tyranny. The alternative, with every fat-head parading around as his own god, can only be anarchy; but they can’t keep that going for any length of time.

Mark puts it in a nutshell: “The problem is too much power.”

Build the state down, not up!

Our liberties depend on it.


My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 24 (‘The Ideology of Playing God’)

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Huff-puff, already running late! Anyway, here’s my Newswithviews column for the week.

I don’t think normal people will ever understand just how warped and lunatic the Far Left is. Having abandoned the real God, they worship themselves and their creations.

The Ideology of Playing God

We are in clear and present danger of falling into these weird people’s hands, now that they have a whole political party to call their own.

America will never be a safe haven for freedom until the Democrat Party is permanently put out of business.

Erasing the Brits’ Adulthood

Speak Up if you're not happy | The Styling Lounge

“Sit still, stupid!”

Oh, boy! Looks like they’re headed for lifelong 24/7 supervision by government needleheads in dear old Britain. Say goodbye to adulthood, cousins!

Now a local government job center has ruled that the owner of a small salon can’t advertise for a part-time “happy, friendly stylist” because… wait for it… that would be “discriminatory” against UNHAPPY people!


No, I did not make this up.

What? Is happiness or unhappiness now an immutable characteristic, like skin color, which must be micro-managed by nimrods in the government? Once you’re unhappy, will you ever be allowed to be happy again? Well, gee, if you can change your flamin’ “gender” anytime you feel like it, you should be able to get some kind of drug or surgical procedure that’ll change your mood.

Is any human transaction too small for the government to interfere with?

Is the salon owner supposed to settle for a “hostile, terribly depressed” stylist? Someone who’ll say to a customer, “Siddown, you ugly cow! You think you’ve got troubles? Hah! My life sucks like you wouldn’t believe!” And then starts sobbing her eyes out.

Yeah. That’d be great for business.

And we consent to be ruled by these people?

We must be crazy, too.

Forcing People to Say They Like You

Union Goon-Squad "THUGs" Own Pennsylvania (Literally) - Mike Shedlock

As I was finishing my last post (the one before this one), my work mysteriously disappeared from the page. Now what? What “improvement” are they hitting me with now? But then I began to wonder: had I been censored? The post included some teensy-weensy criticism of the otherwise perfect and beloved Black Lives Matter–and I’ve seen reports of some of the social media platforms banning any such comments. But I tracked down my post and posted it, so I guess I’m not banned. Not yet.

Now, how hard is it to visualize a near future in which anyone who doesn’t have a Black Lives Matter lawn sign is going to be in for lively times? Broken windows, slashed tires, scary phone calls… the usual bag of tricks.

In many venues now, we are not permitted to criticize what is, to be truthful about it, an evil revolutionary gang aspiring to destroy our country and make racial hatred the basis of our social life. Question: Is forcing us into silence going to endear them to us? If we can be made to say we like them and support them, will that eventually become our reality? Or will it just make us as mad as hell?

And now I have to stop because some more “improvements” have suddenly appeared on my screen and I have no idea what’s going to be published here. Let me know if you have problems reading it.


My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 20 (‘College: Poisoning America’)

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Why do we insist of having people who despise us “educate” our children? Does that make any sense at all? To say nothing of how much we pay for this abuse.

College: Poisoning America

“Higher education” is getting loopier by the day. Colleges are rapidly shedding all pretense of being anything other than indoctrination mills dedicated to the destruction of America. And we’re paying them to do it!

Was there ever another nation that tried so hard to fail?

‘Minds Set in Cement?’ (2014)

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Sooner or later even the most deceptive villains will tell you what they’re all about. They can’t help it. As my friend John the homicide detective says, “Sooner or later they talk. They can’t help it.” Hercule Poirot would agree.

But until that happens, it’s terribly hard to change somebody’s mind.

Minds Set in Cement?

I think I once persuaded somebody that homeschooling was good. That’s not much to show for several decades’ worth of trying. But as long as people are prepared to listen to the truth when the bad guys inadvertently let it slip out, there’s hope.

Uh, like they’ve been doing in the streets of our cities this year: which tells us who they are and what they mean to do to us if they can ever get back into power.


Forbidden: Everything

Tied To Chair High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Ooh-ooh, I’ve got it, I’ve got it! The one sure-fire, foolproof way to stop the old pandemic in its tracks! Suddenly it hit me!

Forbid all behavior.

That’s it–ban everything! No more doing anything. And for good measure, to ensure strict compliance, tie everybody up!

Wait’ll Democrats hear about this.

If you’re going to do anything, do it now. It might not be allowed tomorrow.

‘More Festival of Idiocy’ (2017)

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Honk if you’re tired of this schiff.

This Far Left tantrum has been going on since Election Night of 2016.

More Festival of Idiocy

The problem is, they did succeed in taking the House in 2018. Well, waddaya know! The endless tantrum worked! Let’s step it up for 2020!

So we have the Diversity mob stamping out every trace of diversity, and the Pro-Choice crowd taking away everybody’s choices–and alleged “polls” that say yeah, you bet, this is how America wants to live!

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned any of this on a Sunday… but somebody ought to.

Teacher Canned… Why?

Walking the plank. A business man nervously walks the plank on a ...

I thought it was only pirates that made you walk the plank.

I don’t know about other states, but here in New Jersey it’s almost impossible for a public school teacher to get fired. I mean, you probably have to commit suicide.

But a Michigan high school teacher and baseball coach has been stripped of his livelihood because he tweeted… wait for it… “Donald Trump is our president” (https://www.newsweek.com/michigan-teacher-says-he-was-fired-tweeting-donald-trump-our-president-1519692).

What? You mean he isn’t? How did I miss that?

Meanwhile, school district officials deny they fired the teacher for supporting the president of the United States. We cannot make out from their statements exactly what reason, if any, they gave for canning the guy. Something about ooga-booga?

Now, if you think it’s good for someone to lose his livelihood because of his actually rather conventional political opinions–well, hey, the Democrat Party’s got an America for you! You’ll love it! Strict punishment for anyone who strays outside the party line. Sort of like they have in North Korea.

Riots and censorship! Biden for president!

Coach Fined $1 Million… for T-Shirt

Amazon.com: OAN T-Shirt One America News Network: Clothing


Aside from the absurdity of making so much money coaching college football that you can afford to kiss off a million dollars, this is one of the most shameful and also alarming nooze stories of this year so far.

The Oklahoma State football coach has had $1 million and one year chopped off his contract because some of his black (no, I absolutely refuse to use the suddenly-required capital b) players complained about him wearing a One America News T-shirt.

The gabblers on the search page describe OAN as “far right” and whisper about OAN being critical of Only Black Lives Matter.

First–so what? What? We can’t watch OAN? Who decided that?

Even if it were “far right,” whatever that means–probably anybody who’s not them–again, so what? Who says we can’t watch a “far right” news network if we want to? There’s certainly no shortage of far left TV nooze.

And what kind of contract is it, if one party to a contract can unilaterally change the terms? I know, I know–the coach “agreed” to take his medicine like a good little spineless worm, supposedly even suggested his own punishment: can you say “Stockholm Syndrome”? And his required public apologies have been the usual groveling.

A disgusting spectacle.

I don’t know what kind of football you can learn from such a sissy. But I guess if you’re black with a capital b you don’t have to learn anything.

Professional sports (that includes college) deserve to go extinct.