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You’re Not Allowed to Have that Opinion, Kanye!

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Celebrities, most of whom I never heard of, are going postal over rap star Kanye West’s embrace of President Donald Trump (http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/04/26/celebs-attack-kanye-west-pro-trump-tweets-complete-freaking-lunatic/).

They think he’s crazy. West called on his audience to “reject groupthink” and declared, on Twitter, “We have the right to independent thought.” This inspired lots of cursing and name-calling from the Loving Left. One of his fellow rap stars accused him of acting white. None of the celebrities said he had a right to his opinion. You only have a right to have Rosie O’Donnell’s opinion.

Mr. West was hospitalized last year for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. He was keeping himself too busy. Count on the celebrities to use that against him.

It would, of course, be sheer disaster if people stopped thinking of themselves as members of Democrat client groups and started thinking of themselves as individuals instead. If they ever started making up their own minds, liberalism would be out of business in a heartbeat.

If Kanye West can make that happen, he belongs on Mount Rushmore.


How Crazy Can California Get?

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Are we in California?

The California state legislature is considering a bill to ban all books and speech “that violate LGBT priorities” (https://leeduigon.com/2015/07/11/abomination-video/). In fact, the bill has already sailed through two committees.

What do they mean? Well, writing or saying anything that could be construed as trying to encourage “sexual orientations change efforts”–like, for instance, quoting a Bible verse on repenting from sexual sin, or teaching your children that there are only two “genders” and all the rest is political poppycock. The bill makes it a crime to say or write such things–a crime to be punished by imprisonment. It would also allow the state to close churches, or even ban the Bible.

(“A funny thing happened to me on my way to North Korea. I wound up in California!”)

That the measure would be blatantly, flagrantly, boisterously, overpoweringly, and laughably unconstitutional seems to bother nobody in the California legislature. So it won’t survive a court challenge, unless the whole country’s gone as mad as California; but it’ll destroy some lives before it gets struck down.

Meanwhile, it does tell us, in no uncertain terms, where the Democrat Party is coming from and why it must never, never, ever again be permitted to take power over our country. Not ever.

‘How Tyranny Grows by Little Bitty Steps’ (2013)

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I find it hard to believe I wrote this as long ago as 2013. Now they’ve opened up the throttle on forcing you to say and do things that lacerate your conscience.


This was pioneered by our friends the communists and eagerly adopted by Western liberals. Nothing quite turns them on so much as bullying someone into betraying himself.

Diamond and Silk: Censored!

Apparently it’s still okay to discriminate against black people, as long as they’re conservatives.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson have risen to social media fame as Diamond and Silk, “two black chicks who are down with politics,” but now, because they support President Donald Trump, they’ve been banned from Facebook.

In fact, Facebook says they and their content are “unsafe to the community.” What? What community is that? Tell us, Facebook–what community is that? But Facebook says, “This decision is final and it is not appeal-able in anyway [sic].”

Out of the other side of Facebook’s mouth, they told Fox News that they are “reaching out” to Diamond and Silk to “resolve” this. What bunk.

Diamond and Silk don’t need any help from me to state their case: click the video, and listen.

Go get ’em, ladies!

‘New York “Law” Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth’ (2015)

Looking at this post over two years later, something jumped out at me. By George, I think I’ve got it!

In the end, the goal of the Left is to make everything you do or say or think potentially illegal and subject to punishment. That was why the Soviet Union never wrote down its criminal code: so that everything and anything could be punished as a crime.


They won’t be satisfied until they do it here in America.

Some Good News, for a Change

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Last year a decorated U.S. Air Force colonel was suspended and blocked from promotion because he wouldn’t sign a “certificate of appreciation” for some guy’s pseudo-marriage to another guy (https://leeduigon.com/2017/10/18/air-force-colonel-grounded-for-not-affirming-same-sex-marriage/). Again, it’s liberals forcing you to say something that you don’t believe in. Something that violates your conscience and plays the devil with your self-respect.

But upon appeal to the USAF Review Boards Agency, the colonel has been reinstated. Ruled the agency, “Col. Bohannon had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate of appreciation for the same-sex spouse of an Airman in his command” (https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/suite).

Anyone who thinks this would have happened with Hillary Clinton in the White House is whistlin’ Dixie out his nose.

When They Make You Say It

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I have a story from a reliable source which I choose not to disclose. It’s not a unique story. It’s just like other stories that I’ve heard before, and which I expect to hear again.

A young man trying to finish his college education (LOL), as a condition of getting credit for a certain course, was compelled to write a letter in support of Planned Parenthood and send it to an elected official. Whether he can in good conscience support the abortion industry is not at issue. He has been ordered to write the letter whether he believes in it our not.

Step One of the leftid fun-plan is to forbid you from saying things. Step Two is to force you to say what they want you to say. Our colleges have fully mastered Step One and are moving on to Step Two. Canada is already there: to get a government-funded summer job, you have to say you support abortion.

The student could ask the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to sue the college in defense of his right to liberty of conscience. What usually happens then is that school officials admit they “made a mistake” and take the heat off that particular student. A few hours after the lawsuit is dropped, they do it to another student.

What does that say about anyone who can only get someone else to agree with him by threatening that person with a failing grade, rejection of his application for a job, or a good thrashing? But this describes the “educators” at our schools and colleges.

It would seem that freedom is not the natural state of humankind, but rather an interruption is the long, long flow of tyranny. That freedom has lasted so long in America speaks well of us. That it is currently under fire every day… does not.

Whoa, Canada!

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Castro’s the one with the beard. Trudeau’s the other tyrant.

It used to be that tyrants were content to tell you what you couldn’t say. But that’s not enough for them anymore. Now they want to tell you what you must say.

In Canada, if you’re a student who wants in on the Canada Summer Jobs grant program–you’re not gonna believe this–you have to declare your support for abortion as being part of your “core mandate” (http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/a-churchs-core-mandate-must-be-pro-choice-to-access-summer-jobs-grant-employment-minister-says/wcm/1a270a5e-1bc6-42cd-8883-2c5f938f9c4f). If you or your church does not support abortion, then you can’t get a grant.

A lawsuit has already been filed.

Some 70,000 students are expected to receive grants–but only if they’re all aboard for abortion. If you don’t check the abortion box on the application, get lost!

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, laughs off the controversy as a “kerfuffle.” I mean, really, why shouldn’t you have to say you support abortion, if you want to work this summer?

And don’t be too surprised if they expand this to cover “gay marriage,” too.

Five hundred years ago, the Japanese government required Dutch traders to trample on the cross before they could do business in that country.

Now Canada does the same.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 26 (‘Your Freedom Not to Speak’)

Here it is, this week’s NWV piece.


Not to be a bore on the subject of all these new laws–some of them were never actually legislated–telling you all these things you must do: and that’s something that a lot more people ought to be talking about.

This Is Not How Honest People Behave

E&E Legal (the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute) has sued the Vermont Attorney General “to release public records related to conspiracy of AGs [state attorneys general] seeking to use RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] to punish and silence Climate Change ‘deniers’,” according to a press release ( http://eelegal.org/2016/06/13/press-release-ee-legal-sues-vermont-for-stonewalling-public-records-request/ ). It seems records are being shuffled back and forth between Vermont and New York “to keep secret public documents the public has a right to see,” E&E charges.

Well, hey, we’ve been warned about this ( http://www.newsmax.com/GeorgeWill/climate-change-deniers/2016/04/24/id/725453/ ). The Global Warming mob and its Democrat cohorts in our gangster government are actually trying to outlaw an opinion and silence any expression of it. They can’t convince the public that “Man-Made Climate Change” is real, so they fall back on brute force. Well, that’s one way to win an argument: “Shut up, or we’ll throw you in jail!”

I’ve never seen this in my lifetime–a genuine government effort to shut down debate over public policy by criminalizing dissent.

Honest people do not win arguments this way.

But Global Warming is too good to let go. It provides would-be tyrants with an excuse for anything they have a mind to do. “We gotta do it because it’s the only way to Save the Planet!” And anyone who dares voice a doubt is looking down the barrel of a prison sentence.

If George Washington were alive today, he’d be leading an army in a march on the city that so unworthily bears his name.

Think about that on Election Day.

Don’t let it be said that you failed to do everything in your power to prevent another Democrat from taking office.

Because they won’t stop this mischief unless we stop them.

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