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Hillary’s Supreme Court Picks

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A visit to an alternative universe almost too horrible to contemplate…

President Hillary Clinton today announced her newest nominee to the Supreme Court, replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy, who drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool two nights ago.

“You’ll all be glad to know–it’s Chelsea!” The president has nominated her own daughter. “She’s smart, she’s a woman, and she is committed to fundamental transformation–not only of society, but of everybody in it, individually.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Chelsea will be confirmed unanimously, “probably this afternoon.” She will be the second Supreme Court Justice placed by Hillary Clinton, following former attorney general and now Chief Justice Loretta Lynch.

Meanwhile, People’s Social Justice Guards are tracking down enemies of progress and equality and making sure they have nothing more to say. Masked units of the People’s Social Justice Guards have prevented Nazi White Supremacist justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas from coming to court, and Justice Neil Gorsuch is expected to die soon of an unnamed medical condition–which means President Hillary Clinton will soon have three more nominations to offer.

On the short list for those three spots on the high court are former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Maxine Waters, film-maker Michael Moore, gun control activist David Hogg (“Only 18 years old, so he can sit on the court forever!”), several currently incarcerated felons, and at least half a dozen “trans-men” and “trans-women.”

“I think what I’d really like to do is expand the court so they can all be Supreme Court justices,” said the president. “Heck, there might even be a spot for Bill!”

Former President Bill Clinton, who remains in a dormant state following his wife’s election, was unavailable for comment.


California Free Speech Killing Bill: On Hold for Now

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Freedom and dignity are not natural to the inhabitants of a fallen world burdened with Original Sin. The California State Senate keeps trying to prove it.

Hence Senate Bill 1424, introduced by Stalinist wannabe Richard Pan, a bill to make “fake news” or “false information” published anywhere on the Internet a crime, punishable by imprisonment: you could go to jail for “questioning science” and voicing doubt about vaccines, Climbit Change, whatever (https://www.naturalhealth365.com/vaccines-fake-news-2536.html). You could even be jailed for questioning the dogma of Evolution.

After the details of this monstrosity were reported last month, raising a rather loud public outcry against it, the senate has rushed through several major amendments, the overall effect of which will be to “study” it all and kick it down the road to sometime next year. Wait till the heat dies down, then try again.

This bill was a beauty. Every Internet site–I guess that would include blogs, like this one–would be required to “verify” all news stories–the term “news story” is left undefined–before publication. Then, if designated “fact checkers” find any “false information,” up the river you go. No distinction is made between, say, maliciously fabricated mischief or an honest mistake. And we can only guess who would get to be the fact checkers. Oh–and who gets to decide what the “facts” are? Nancy Pelosi? Michael Moore?

This is a remarkable production by people whose academic position is that there is no such thing as truth, there are no facts, there are only psychological or social “constructs”–like your sex, for instance: which they insist is whatever you say it is from moment to moment–who yammer endlessly about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth always wins and you get packed off to sensitivity training if you don’t agree–

But what are we thinking? Now they want to pack you off to jail.

How did our country’s political class ever produce such a pack of totalitarians as these?

It’s enough to give fascism a bad name.

We Has Got To Control what peeple Like!!

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We hadd a spacial meating of the Stodent Soviet “last nihght” to deemand A new Traning Work Shoppe to make Sure “alll” stodents thay like Illeagle Imbagrints!! We gotted the Idear fromb Rutgers but Rutgers thay “Didnt” make it Mandetorry but we wil!!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10882)

We aslo we whant to Check waht evry boddy saying on Socile Meadia so that noboddy saying nothing Bad abote Undoctamented Imbagrints!!and any boddy that does we wil Beet them Up “and” aslo put Them inta Sensativvity Traning till thare Minds thay are Rihght!!!

Yiu see thare wil Nevver ” be” Ture Socile Jutstus untill thare arent No more boarders aruond nacians And contrys and noboddy thay shuldnt  Be “aloud” not to like Things that Socile Jutstus sayes thay shuld bettter Like Or Else!!! and that dont go jist for Illeagle Imbagrints butt for evry Thing tooo!! Like how we Going “to” has a Perfict Whirld if peeple are Jist going “to” Not Like what us Interllecturals we tells them Thay has got “To” like??? No it dosnt make No sents!!

Rutgers thay has a Good Idear but It dosnt go Far Enuohgh! but hear At Our collidge “we” wil go As Far As “it” Takes!!

‘The Armageddon Factor’ (in Faith For All of Life, 2010): Fake News on Steroids

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King Justin Trudeau, tyrant of Canada

Y’know, I used to be a journalist, and “highly respected journalists” like this clown give the profession a bad name and make me ashamed that I was ever part of it. Canadian “journalist” Marci McDonald’s hatchet job on conservative Christians is about as low as it gets.


What’s changed since I published this eight years ago?

Well, Canada voted out its Conservative Party prime minister and elected Far Left Loony Justin Trudeau… so now they can put you in jail for using the wrong pronoun, and now you have to sign an oath pledging your support for abortion before you can get a summer job–so which side is it, Marci, that “imposes its values” on everybody else?

As if we had to ask!

You’re Not Allowed to Have that Opinion, Kanye!

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Celebrities, most of whom I never heard of, are going postal over rap star Kanye West’s embrace of President Donald Trump (http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/04/26/celebs-attack-kanye-west-pro-trump-tweets-complete-freaking-lunatic/).

They think he’s crazy. West called on his audience to “reject groupthink” and declared, on Twitter, “We have the right to independent thought.” This inspired lots of cursing and name-calling from the Loving Left. One of his fellow rap stars accused him of acting white. None of the celebrities said he had a right to his opinion. You only have a right to have Rosie O’Donnell’s opinion.

Mr. West was hospitalized last year for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. He was keeping himself too busy. Count on the celebrities to use that against him.

It would, of course, be sheer disaster if people stopped thinking of themselves as members of Democrat client groups and started thinking of themselves as individuals instead. If they ever started making up their own minds, liberalism would be out of business in a heartbeat.

If Kanye West can make that happen, he belongs on Mount Rushmore.


How Crazy Can California Get?

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Are we in California?

The California state legislature is considering a bill to ban all books and speech “that violate LGBT priorities” (https://leeduigon.com/2015/07/11/abomination-video/). In fact, the bill has already sailed through two committees.

What do they mean? Well, writing or saying anything that could be construed as trying to encourage “sexual orientations change efforts”–like, for instance, quoting a Bible verse on repenting from sexual sin, or teaching your children that there are only two “genders” and all the rest is political poppycock. The bill makes it a crime to say or write such things–a crime to be punished by imprisonment. It would also allow the state to close churches, or even ban the Bible.

(“A funny thing happened to me on my way to North Korea. I wound up in California!”)

That the measure would be blatantly, flagrantly, boisterously, overpoweringly, and laughably unconstitutional seems to bother nobody in the California legislature. So it won’t survive a court challenge, unless the whole country’s gone as mad as California; but it’ll destroy some lives before it gets struck down.

Meanwhile, it does tell us, in no uncertain terms, where the Democrat Party is coming from and why it must never, never, ever again be permitted to take power over our country. Not ever.

‘How Tyranny Grows by Little Bitty Steps’ (2013)

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I find it hard to believe I wrote this as long ago as 2013. Now they’ve opened up the throttle on forcing you to say and do things that lacerate your conscience.


This was pioneered by our friends the communists and eagerly adopted by Western liberals. Nothing quite turns them on so much as bullying someone into betraying himself.

Diamond and Silk: Censored!

Apparently it’s still okay to discriminate against black people, as long as they’re conservatives.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson have risen to social media fame as Diamond and Silk, “two black chicks who are down with politics,” but now, because they support President Donald Trump, they’ve been banned from Facebook.

In fact, Facebook says they and their content are “unsafe to the community.” What? What community is that? Tell us, Facebook–what community is that? But Facebook says, “This decision is final and it is not appeal-able in anyway [sic].”

Out of the other side of Facebook’s mouth, they told Fox News that they are “reaching out” to Diamond and Silk to “resolve” this. What bunk.

Diamond and Silk don’t need any help from me to state their case: click the video, and listen.

Go get ’em, ladies!

‘New York “Law” Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth’ (2015)

Looking at this post over two years later, something jumped out at me. By George, I think I’ve got it!

In the end, the goal of the Left is to make everything you do or say or think potentially illegal and subject to punishment. That was why the Soviet Union never wrote down its criminal code: so that everything and anything could be punished as a crime.


They won’t be satisfied until they do it here in America.

Some Good News, for a Change

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Last year a decorated U.S. Air Force colonel was suspended and blocked from promotion because he wouldn’t sign a “certificate of appreciation” for some guy’s pseudo-marriage to another guy (https://leeduigon.com/2017/10/18/air-force-colonel-grounded-for-not-affirming-same-sex-marriage/). Again, it’s liberals forcing you to say something that you don’t believe in. Something that violates your conscience and plays the devil with your self-respect.

But upon appeal to the USAF Review Boards Agency, the colonel has been reinstated. Ruled the agency, “Col. Bohannon had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate of appreciation for the same-sex spouse of an Airman in his command” (https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/suite).

Anyone who thinks this would have happened with Hillary Clinton in the White House is whistlin’ Dixie out his nose.

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