My Newswithviews Column, March 4 (‘It’s All About Control’)

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Liberals have a lust to be obeyed, slavishly, by normal people. And Big Tech believes they can make us want to obey. Perfect together!

It’s All About Control

And have you noticed how they keep moving the goalposts? Now we’ve got Foochi Fauci darkly hinting that life won’t be back to normal even by this time in 2022. And there’s a poll in the UK that shows a certain number of people saying they’ll never stop wearing face masks, they’ll wear ’em for the rest of their lives.

When they get done with us, there’ll no more adults among us. The libs will be the Morlocks, and we’ll be the Eloi.

And they will eat us.

After they eat up all our wealth, of course.

‘Academics’ Favor Silencing Conservatives

Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?  - The New York Times

They call it “higher education.”

If you ever thought freedom and liberty were natural aspirations of humanity, think again.

A new study shows a majority of “academics”–professors and graduate students–favor discrimination against whatever conservative colleagues they might find still around on campus ( In fact, many of them favor “dismissing” colleagues if they have conservative beliefs.

At the same time, 70 percent of conservative academics say their colleges and universities have become a “hostile environment” for them, characterized by “powerful conformist pressures.” As in, “Support transgenderism or lose your job.”

And 20 percent of academics under the age of 30 support firing conservatives outright.

How do you think they’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot? If you could be fired for being a leftid? Think they’d support that?

But it’s our fault for continuing to send our sons and daughters to these ideological gulags known as colleges and universities, and tamely continuing to feed the colleges with our tuition dollars. To say nothing of alumni donors, and the government, who pour billions of dollars into this corrupt and wicked system. How else do you think Harvard can boast an annual budget of more than $40 billion? Yes, that’s “billion.”

Everywhere you look, our freedom is under attack. Emboldened by their success in stealing a national election, Far Left Crazy has throttled up its campaign to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist hell-hole, doing as much damage as they can, as fast as they can. It’ll be a miracle if our republic survives the next two years.

There isn’t much that we can do about it; but one thing we can do is stop sending our children to these colleges.

That won’t just save money. It might save souls.

‘Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise’ (2018)

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Everybody doing the same thing at the same time–that’s Diversity!

Walter Williams warned us this would happen.

Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise

The things they do to us for our own good! Sort of like being pushed back into early childhood.

This is what happens when you turn from the real God to false gods. The little fake idols always demand more from you than God the Father ever does.

College to Offer ‘Antiracism Badges’

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Don’t think that sending your sons and daughters to a Catholic college will protect them from being force-fed a diet of academic Far Left idiocy.

Spalding Looniversity, in Kentucky, plans to award “Antiracism badges” to students who complete a… I guess it’s a course, entitled “Restorative Practices for the Antiracist Journey” (, and is supposed to teach “cultural humility and restorative practices,” whatever that means. It has a nasty odor to it.

Depending on how well they absorb the indoctrination, students will be eligible for three “tiers” of badges–Bronze, Silver, and Ebony. (You thought they were going to say “and Gold,” didn’t you? No such luck!)

Leftids–and almost all academics are leftids anymore, sharing a hive mind–continue to taint everything with their obsessive focus on race.

They’re marketing this course online, in case the students actually detained there don’t sign up for it.

We will never get the illegitimate government we have now to defund the universities, so the only thing left for normal people to do is to pull their children out of there, pronto, and stop paying tuition.

Can you really picture–maybe I should say, do you really want to picture–a lot of brain-dead students flaunting their Antiracism badges? It’s “cultural humility”! Hate yourself for being white. Humility is one thing. Virtue signalling is quite another.

It is a sin to sow hate and discord among people who would ordinarily be at peace with one another.

Liberalism–it’s Satan’s favorite poison.

The Purge Continues: Lou Dobbs Canceled

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Fox News, the alleged “conservative” nooze network, has canceled Lou Dobbs’ business talk show, despite high ratings and a decade on the air. Our Free & Independent Nooze Media rejoices: CBS nooze blaming Dobbs for “unfounded assertions of voter fraud” (

‘Cause you’re not allowed to say that!

The cowards at Fox said the cancellation was just part of “routine programming alternatives.” Honk if you believe that. And of course the threatened lawsuit by Smartmatic (“Voting Machines ‘R’ Us”) had nothing to do with it.

Sorry, only one opinion allowed–and it had better be a Far Left Crazy opinion, or you’re out of here.

Of course, our Free & Independent Court System Inc. has refused to look at any evidence of voter fraud–so how can we ever know the charges are “unfounded”? See no evil, hear no evil. But do all the evil that you please.

Our institutions and our leaders fail us, one by one and two by two, and we have nothing left but our prayers.


Far Left Wacko Calls for “Citizen Detectives” to Spy on Americans

Stalin's Secret Police: A history of the CHEKA, OGPU, NKVD, SMERSH & KGB:  1917–1991 (Military Classics): Butler, Rupert: 9781782743170:  Books

It’s getting to be harder and harder to say it can’t happen here.

Now we’re seeing what kind of mutants come out of the woodwork after Democrats steal an election.

A “best-selling author”–no, I won’t name him, no free publicity here–has racked up 3 million Twitter views by calling upon his fellow leftists to become “citizen detectives” spying on Trump supporters so they can “report them to authorities” (

Report us? For what? For voting to re-elect our president. This he labels “domestic terrorism,” comparing you and me to Osama bin-Laden. We’re all “extremists,” don’t you know. 75 million of us.

Have they also stolen America itself? To be replaced by self-appointed secret police to prey on normal people?

That’s what the guy wants, it seems.

‘International Manhunt: Reddy Kilowatt’ (2015)

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Really, you mustn’t say things that the United Nations doesn’t like. Haven’t we all learned that true diversity is founded upon strict uniformity?

Reddy Kilowatt must die.

International Manhunt: Reddy Kilowatt

You’d think he and Speedy Alka-Seltzer would be pretty easy to spot, no matter where they went, but Interpol hasn’t caught them yet. So keep your eyes peeled, and if you see ’em, rat ’em out!

The reward will be commensurate with the service.

What Happens When You Appease the Bullies? (Ask Fox News)

Was appeasing Hitler actually a masterstroke? | Daily Mail Online

For some reason appeasement never seems to work.

Hey! Remember how Fox News, going down the home stretch in the election campaign, alienated a major portion of its viewers by turning against President Trump and suddenly running in the pack with all the Far Left nooze media? Remember how mad that made a lot of us?

We felt betrayed–and what has Fox News gotten for it? What was their reward for going over to the dark side?

Ta-dah! The Far Left wants them put right out of business, taken off the air ( “Should Fox News be allowed to exist?” pondered some fat-head on the Left. CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post have all called for Fox News to be snuffed out.

As Churchill once said of Chamberlain, he wants to embrace shame to avoid war–and he will get both war and shame.

That’s what Fox News got for betraying its viewers. They deserted their old friends and their new friends want them wiped out. Gee, not a dry eye in the house…


They Mean to Eat Us Alive

Parler: Everything you need to know about the banned conservative social  media platform

Not so fast there, boyo…

The CEO of Apple this past weekend admitted that he and his Big Tech playmates silenced Parler because they didn’t like what people were posting on it (

CEO Tim Cook revealed Big Tech’s collusion against Parler, saying it was done because of “incitement concerns.” He didn’t bother to define “incitement.” It means anything they want it to mean. It means being out of step with Far Left Crazy.

“We don’t consider that free speech,” Cook said. Free speech is lib speech, no other kind.

So Parler barely got out of the starting gate before Big Tech shot it down. Too much free speech, don’t you know. We don’t want the proles questioning Mandates. “By Order of the Governor” means shut up and obey.

Our country has been conquered by an alliance between Big Tech and Dirty Politics.

What will happen when they find out they can’t trust each other?

Okay, Got It!

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All right, now I know what to write for Newswithviews. Consider this a preview.

Even as we sit here watching, the Big Lie–or, if you’re a noozie, “The Narrative”–is being sculpted out of a lot of smaller (but still big) lies. Here are its chief components.

*There was no fraud in this past election (a real whopper).

*Donald Trump incited a riot at the Capitol (completely ignoring riots incited by Democrats over the past four years, including several invasions of the Capitol–but those, of course, don’t count).

*COVID-19 is the deadliest disease in all of human history, and fully justifies any and all draconian measures and abridgements of our civil rights to, er, fight it.

*America is an evil racist country in sore need of a fundamental transformation.

*Communist China is our friend.

*80 million people, who haven’t been heard from since, voted for China Joe Biden.

And there you have it–pushed on us by our Free & Independent Nooze Media morning, noon, and night.

God help us.