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may 31 2019 001

Where’s the Reset button for this day? We’re getting inundated with nuisance phone calls, some of them robo-calls in Chinese, and another one offering a reverse mortgage on our apartment: what in the world makes them think they can sell us anything by plaguing us?

So I typed up the third chapter set for my book and sent it off to Susan, to be informed that because of some computer claptrap, she can’t open it and read it… ah, fap. Just plain fap.

But I did get out there this morning and resume writing The Wind From Heaven, which is galloping headlong toward I don’t know where: the Lord has the steering wheel and I’m just writing everything down as He gives it to me. Chutt and Ysbott, you’re in trouble–let’s see you get out of these jams. Prester Jod, you need a telephone: too bad they haven’t been invented yet. The wind is blowing and all the characters are just hanging on.

And there’s another nuisance call–that’s at least half a dozen of them so far today.

And back to work I go.

8 comments on “Back to the Book

  1. I spent the entire morning on the phone with a woman from ? who I could barely understand, who is paid to help customers who are having problems with their Epson printers. I had purchased a wireless printer and needed to know why I couldn’t print anything from my computer after I spent most of Monday morning getting it registered. This woman couldn’t even spell thewhiterabbit – I’m not joking. Anyway, she sent me a link that downloaded a bunch of drivers that took forever, and now my wife is happy with her new printer – and isn’t that a yuge part of life, keeping the wife happy?

  2. I’m sorry I smiled about your predicament, but you made it too comedic. fap? “The wind is blowing and all the characters are just hanging on.” That’s great. Somehow, that’s how I decorate. I tell everyone, just hold on, wait ’til you see it, the house is telling me where things should be!
    It will be a treat to read this one as I would know what you went through around this time during it’s manifestation : ) Please tell us where that button is, if you find it.

  3. If that’s a cigar in your mouth, then you deserve it. Being plagued by annoying phone calls is enough to drive anyone to smoke a cigar or have a stiff drink of an afternoon. It’s not a reset button, but it helps you cope.

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