Freshman Dis-Orientation

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They call it “education.”

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Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America accompanied her son to freshman orientation at Virginia Tech… and was appalled by “extreme and overtly leftist propaganda” (

Looniversity authorities separated children and parents so no one would complain about “speaker after speaker” subjecting new students to Far Left crazy horse****. And of course they made a big thing out of “preferred pronouns,” going so far as to include it on each student’s ID badge.

“Parents,” said the nimrods who run the place, “don’t be shocked if your kid comes home changed.” Ya think? If they’re not turned into leftist babblers, it won’t be because the so-called school didn’t try.

Ms. Nance urges parents to contact their state legislators and demand that they prohibit unconstitutional speech codes at their children’s colleges–and, while they’re at it, also contact alumni associations and the looniversity president.

These looniversities are all funded by public money, and they are not the public’s friends.

Defund public colleges and universities now… while we still have an America worth saving.

7 comments on “Freshman Dis-Orientation

  1. I read somewhere (maybe an apocryphal story) that a student at one school gave as his preferred pronoun “His Royal Majesty.”

    1. Or how about something completely unpronounceable–like “bnx” or “fhtagn”? And then feign ungovernable fury when they get it wrong.

  2. So why is Ms. Nance letting her son attend a indoctrination institution? This is another good reason to give Trump as second term with a GOP majority in the House & Senate. He is so high-energy that he is bound to get around to attacking the institutions of higher unlearning. Maybe he will have purchased Greenland from Denmark first because you never know about the Orange Man.

    1. It’s the school he chose because he wants to be an Army officer and an engineer. To me it seems he’s going to be paying too much for it.

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