Uh-Oh! Another Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Looms

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Are we going to let these goons run our country?

Far Left Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is battling cancer again, and a top Democrat apparatchik warns that if she dies or retires, and President Trump has to appoint another justice, the ensuing confirmation battle could “tear this country apart” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/rbg-scare-david-axelrod-warns-supreme-court-vacancy-fight-could-tear-this-country-apart).

If you’ve been hibernating in a cave since 1960, what former Obama adviser David Axelrod means is that Democrats have enjoyed using the Supreme Court to rule this country, as a kind of super-legislature that rams through public policies and social experiments that don’t have enough public support to get through Congress. Without libs on the Supreme Court we don’t have abolition of school prayer, 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, and same-sex pseudomarriage.

And if they don’t have enough Far Left votes on the court, Democrats don’t get to implement any of their crazy policies.

So what Axelrod is doing here is, well, kind of threatening America: like, if the president doesn’t appoint some out-there leftist loon to the Supreme Court, but continues to keep his promise to appoint conservatives who respect the Constitution, the Democrats will state a national tantrum to end all tantrums. Riots in the streets. Violence. America, you’d better do what we want or we will trash this country!

Ginsburg should retire. Her health is very bad and she’s already done more damage than she could ever have expected to do.

As for Axelrod’s threat–so who’s going to run this country, anyway? Antifa? George Soros? Rosie O’Donnell?

If they riot over a Supreme Court nomination, or anything else, smack ’em down and cart ’em off to prison. They have no right to threaten the country.

It’s time for leftism in America to be brought to an end–once and for all.

5 comments on “Uh-Oh! Another Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Looms

  1. Funny how this kind of talk isn’t considered “incitement to violence” or “incendiary” when it comes from leftists.

  2. There was a vacancy on the Court when Hillary & Trump faced off for the Presidential nomination, and President *Batteries not included nominated a replacement. But Mitch McConnell said it was too close to the election so wouldn’t allow a confirmation hearing. If RBG holds out long enough we may be in the same situation this time election cycle. I am sure the Left already has documentaries, movies, and TV shows in the can just waiting for RBG’s demise so they can celebrate what a brilliant genius and historical American icon she was, and how young women should look up to and idolize her (this is where I have to barf).

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