Has the Riot Party Won?

Rioters Set Fire to Home With Child Inside, Block Firefighters From  Reaching Scene

We are asked to believe that the American people have handed their country over to senile Joe Biden and his Riot Party. And while that was going on…

A hundred thugs from the Antifa/Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party tried to burn down Portland last night; police stopped them just as they were pouring out “a flammable liquid” into a Starbuck’s that was connected to an apartment building full of people (https://thepostmillennial.com/police-intercept-portland-antifa-before-they-could-burn-down-occupied-apartment-building). Amazingly, only two of the would-be arsonists were arrested. Not so amazingly, both were released without bail.

This is what we want for America, the noozies tell us. Riots. Gee, Starbuck’s has spent several years kow-towing to Far Left Crazy, and they still tried to burn it down. You just can’t appease some people.

Yeah, we want riots. And open borders, no oil industry, lots and lots of transgender, and selling out the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle to Red China–that’s what we want, they tell us. That’s why we’re electing Democrats, who will give us those things.

Something about this really stinks.

‘What is a Nazi?’ (2017)

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According to leftids, anyone who isn’t them is a “Nazi.” For the benefit of apparently thousands of people who don’t know what that word means, I offer the following facts.

What is a Nazi?

Yeah, I know, I know. Joe Biden says “We prefer truth over facts!” Well, no one will ever accuse him of showering them with facts.

There’s something bitterly ironic about Antifa thugs calling other people Nazis.

Germany’s New Storm Troopers

Climate Scientists Reduced to Hiding from Climate Thuggery in Germany

It’s just their way of Saving The Planet.

James Taylor, a climate scientist with the Heartland Institute, wrote this column from an undisclosed location. It has to be undisclosed because of threats of violence (https://townhall.com/columnists/jamestaylor/2019/11/22/climate-scientists-reduced-to-hiding-from-climate-thuggery-in-germany-n2556941).

Some 200 scientists from around the world plan to hold a conference somewhere in Germany at which they will discuss the lies, exaggerations, and errors of the Climate Change jihad. They’ve had to change their location because of threats made by the German equivalent of Antifa–fascists who say they’re “anti-fascist”–against not only the persons of the scientists, but also against hotel employees and anyone else they decide needs a beat-down.

The German government has refused to provide police protection to the conference.

Does this sound, well, vaguely familiar? Masked thugs roaming the streets of a German city, all but sanctioned by the government, looking to terrorize and attack persons with whom they have a political disagreement–yes, we do seem to be back in the Thirties, with Adolf Hitler in charge of the government and Nazi storm troopers backing him up with unrestrained violence.

That’s how “science” gets settled, these days. Nothing new under the sun.

Is this the kind of world we want to pass on to the next generation?

When you’re short on facts and long on passion, your best tool of argument is a truncheon.

Take a good hard look at this, everybody. Now you can’t debate a scientific question without having your head smashed in.

It’s the birth pangs of a global government.

‘Amazing Discovery! People Hate Getting Bossed Around by Fanatics’ (2013)

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Gee–and we didn’t even have Antifa when I wrote this in 2013. I wonder what Antifa’s poll numbers would be like–or is that one of those questions that no one in the nooze media would ever ask?

Amazing Discovery! People Hate Getting Bossed Around by Fanatics

Yup, feminists and radical tree-huggers had already worn out their welcome by then. When I look at the real world and contemplate the actual achievements of radical feminists and environmentalists, for all the results they get, they might as well not exist. Like, they’re only here to bother us.


The Loving Left: Antifa Prof says ‘Kill Christians’

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Nope, no abusive content here!

Remember, a few days ago, Facebook censored one of my posts? Yeah–said it contained “abusive content.” Because I called a Democrat politician a doofus. Hate speech.

Well, an English professor at Kirkwood Community College–sheesh, not even a real college–in Iowa was able to post on his Facebook page, without getting censored, without anyone “reporting” him, his “rage” against Evangelical Christians and his desire to kill them and “bury them deep in the ground” (https://ijr.com/antifa-supporting-professor-resigns-kill-evangelicals-post/). No abusive content here.

The college convinced him to resign, I guess because even a college looks bad when it employees overtly homicidal maniacs. The college president said she and all the rest of the academic gang respect his right to say anything he wants to say, yatta-yatta. But I guess convincing students that you’d like to kill them… well, that’s a little thick.

Why does Professor “I am Antifa” want to kill Christians? To “stop” them, he says. Stop them from doing what? He doesn’t say. Whatever leftids don’t want them to do. Because in the minds of liberals, everyone who isn’t them is subhuman, belongs in a gulag, etc.

Our public schools and colleges are hatching out these wackos by the truckload, every day. We have way too many looniversities and colleges, with way too many students being warehoused in them, way too many otherwise unemployable schmendricks “teaching” them way too much garbage, and all at a cost of way-way-way too much money.

Defund them now. Save America. Defund the colleges.

Uh-Oh! Another Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Looms

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Are we going to let these goons run our country?

Far Left Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is battling cancer again, and a top Democrat apparatchik warns that if she dies or retires, and President Trump has to appoint another justice, the ensuing confirmation battle could “tear this country apart” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/rbg-scare-david-axelrod-warns-supreme-court-vacancy-fight-could-tear-this-country-apart).

If you’ve been hibernating in a cave since 1960, what former Obama adviser David Axelrod means is that Democrats have enjoyed using the Supreme Court to rule this country, as a kind of super-legislature that rams through public policies and social experiments that don’t have enough public support to get through Congress. Without libs on the Supreme Court we don’t have abolition of school prayer, 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, and same-sex pseudomarriage.

And if they don’t have enough Far Left votes on the court, Democrats don’t get to implement any of their crazy policies.

So what Axelrod is doing here is, well, kind of threatening America: like, if the president doesn’t appoint some out-there leftist loon to the Supreme Court, but continues to keep his promise to appoint conservatives who respect the Constitution, the Democrats will state a national tantrum to end all tantrums. Riots in the streets. Violence. America, you’d better do what we want or we will trash this country!

Ginsburg should retire. Her health is very bad and she’s already done more damage than she could ever have expected to do.

As for Axelrod’s threat–so who’s going to run this country, anyway? Antifa? George Soros? Rosie O’Donnell?

If they riot over a Supreme Court nomination, or anything else, smack ’em down and cart ’em off to prison. They have no right to threaten the country.

It’s time for leftism in America to be brought to an end–once and for all.

Hear Now the Nooze

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Let’s see… Black churches are “homophobic” for not supporting Mayor Pete Butt-thing for president… President Trump has gone crazy and wants to buy Greenland, totally unidentified sources say… more sex with robots… Portland lets Far Left thugs from Antifa sack the city, but calls out all the cops for the Far Right–and we know those guys are Far Right because the Southern Poverty Lie Center says so…

And you wonder why I’m posting videos of Australian birds?

I’m sorry, folks! I know I should be covering some of the day’s nooze, but I just can’t seem to find any nooze that’s not disgusting.

But hey–if you’ve got anything that you think needs reporting, just post a comment with a link in it to whatever nooze item you fancy.

Antifa Prof Gets Free Pass on Assault & Battery Charges

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An Antifa “activist” and, er, philosophy professor at the aptly named Diablo College got off with just three years on probation after attacking several people at what was laughingly called a “free speech rally” in 2017 (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11207). He succeeded in putting one of his victims in the hospital with a serious head injury.

It is not known why the court was so lenient, especially since the prof had a record of prior offenses. His weapon of choice is a bike lock on a chain. His victims of choice are anyone he thinks is a “Trump supporter”–which gives him license to attack them and try to inflict a serious injury.

What do you think? Do we need this psycho running around loose? Shouldn’t you get into a lot more trouble than this for putting on a mask to evade detection and identification, going to the nearest demonstration, and attacking people with a weapon?

Traditionally the Democrat Party used labor union thugs to batter people who really pissed them off. Now they’ve got Antifa. Wherever Democrats run the city, town, or county, Antifa gets a free hand. More often than not, police are ordered not to interfere.

Want to make America a better place?

Put the Democrat Party out of business forever.

Now We’ve Got ‘Red Guards’

Image result for images of red guards in LA with hammer and sickle banner

We didn’t have great big May Day riots like they had in Europe this week–aren’t we supposed to try to be like Europe? I’m sure some liberal said so–but we do have flaming idiots who call themselves “Red Guards,” after the hooligans raised up by mass murderer Mao Tse-tung to help him rule China by stirring up chaos (https://pjmedia.com/trending/la-antifa-group-hangs-trump-in-effigy-calls-for-revolutionary-violence-against-the-capitalist-state/). It seems Antifa has morphed into “Red Guards.” They’ve kept the asinine costumes.

Open the link and look at the pictures. These masked idiots are communists. That’s why they have hammer-and-sickle banners.

As one of the organizers of a May Day tantrum in Los Angeles said, “We stand in solidarity with Maoist parties across the world who are committed to building socialism and fighting revisionism through People’s War!”

Mao killed at least the 40 million Chinese that the current Chinese government admits to. The real number may be twice as high. His Red Guards were a part of that. After the Great Leap Forward imploded into economic and humanitarian catastrophe, Mao turned the Red Guards loose on his people. Just to keep ’em in line, you understand.

This is now the embodied spirit of the Democrat Party. Remember it, next time you vote.

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

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Activists are demanding that Hormad High School drop its ‘Tanystropheus’ mascot because, they say, it’s racist.

An extinct reptile with a startlingly long neck, the Tanystropheus has been the nickname of Hormad High’s sports teams for some 600 years. The students’ favorite cheer is “Tanystropheuses, go, go, go!” But that has to change, says the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The image of this disgusting creature is offensive to our nation’s ethnic minorities,” said Fernando Gesundheit, a spokesbeing for the Hormad City chapter of Antifa. “It is also a slap in the face to Settled Science. Drop it, Hormads, or you’ll be sorry!”

The students are unhappy about this. “Do they have any idea,” asked Rodney Podney, captain of the Hormad High curling team, “how much it cost us to get those Tanystropheus outfits for our cheerleaders? I mean, the necks kept dragging on the ground! It took us a full 200 bake sales to raise enough money to get that fixed.”

Why is the image of a Tanystropheus racist?

“Because we say it is!” explains the SPLC Office of Browbeating America.

No one has yet suggested an alternative mascot for the school.