‘Bill Ayers, Bilge-Master’ (2014)

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From domestic terrorist to adviser to a president

We really must be crazy, to give a prominent role in public life to some Far Left parasite who’d like to blow us all to kingdom come. This former domestic terrorist, whose picture used to decorate our post offices, is now a revered “educator” and advisor to prominent Democrats: he helped mentor President *Batteries Not Included in the finer points of Marxism.

Bill Ayres, Bilge-Master

Really, why is this guy still running around loose? Why is he collecting public money? Why is he such a big wheel in Chicago’s “education” establishment?

More proof that America is “educating” herself to death.

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  1. Bill Ayers is living proof of how liberals get special treatment in America. His Weather Underground cohorts bomb the Pentagon & U.S. Capitol and Ayers admits guilt for it but nothing happens to him because he is an expert in early childhood education.

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