Bill Ayres, Bilge-Master

Sort-of conservative Dinesh D’Souza last night squared off in a debate with domestic terrorist, Obama mentor, and revered “educator” Bill Ayres. No, I didn’t watch it. That’s because I can read. So I read all about it this morning.

Ayres says he doesn’t want to bomb public buildings anymore (so where do we put the statue?), but there are still plenty of things wrong with America that need to be fixed.

For instance, not enough people vote. You coulda fooled me–I think too many people are voting, too many times. But the old bomber is upset that felons in jail aren’t allowed to vote. They would be a natural addition to the Democrat voting base. He says too many votes are “suppressed.” What bunk.

He doesn’t think we Americans have been punished sufficiently for having slavery that ended 150 years ago.

You know what? I don’t care. My ancestors were enslaved by the Romans. What special favors do I get for that?

Ayres says the “great thing about America” is its endless supply of activists and protesters, etc. Bomber Bill is well known as an admirer/groupie of Hugo Chavez and others of that stripe. Why didn’t anyone ask him, “Hey, stupid–if your crowd was running the country, how many activists and protesters and dissenters would be allowed to complain about your policies?” The only honest answer, of course, would be zero.

Why was this exercise in sophistry and silliness even put on television? Have they run short of Huckleberry Hound reruns? I mean, why would Ayres even argue America wasn’t great? It’s been a very, very good country to him! Where else could you rise from having your picture on an FBI poster in every local post office, to being exalted and well-paid as an “educator,” guru to a brainless chump who becomes president, and TV star? As far as he has been concerned, what’s not to like?

Is there anyone in public life today who is not a turkey?

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