Cats & Candles

Why do cats have a compulsion to put out candles? And if you watch closely, I think you’ll see that at least half of these cats appear to be left-handed. Maybe candle-snuffing is a natural urge in southpaw cats.

You’ll also observe that some of these clips have been set up by humans–we don’t generally leave burning candles sitting on the floor. People will do anything to get on Youtube.

Don’t blame the cat if he burns your house down, chuckles.

One comment on “Cats & Candles”

  1. While it’s amusing to watch, if a cat tipped over a candle and started a fire, things would get a whole lot less amusing, very quickly. I have a small candle in a small glass that I need to burn down to nothing, because certain unnamed felines of the Siamese persuasion broke my other glass. I’m in no hurry, bu occasionally will burn it on a rainy evening and my cat is fascinated. If she gets too close I tell her to leave it alone, and she does.

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