‘Scientist’ Recommends Cannibalism

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Who’s going to clear off the table?

All right, all right, here’s one of those wretched nooze stories.

A Swedish “scientist” billed as a “behavioral scientist and marketing strategist” has publicly advocated cannibalism as a means of fighting Climate Change (https://www.climatedepot.com/2019/09/05/cannibalism-professor-says-eating-human-flesh-will-save-planet-from-climate-change/). He implied that “capitalists” are “too selfish” to be cannibals and “live sustainably.” He made these remarks at a food conference in Stockholm, where the Stockholm syndrome was invented.

Okay, here’s the highlight of his speech. Ready? You’ll want to learn it by heart. The quote:

“First of all, it is that the person who is to be eaten must be dead.” Give that man a Nobel Prize! Heck, the live ones yell “Ouch!” when you stick a fork in ’em, and keep trying to run away.

Can anyone deny this age is satanic?

15 comments on “‘Scientist’ Recommends Cannibalism

    1. My sister always had a lot of trouble with her nursing colleagues because she refused to prescribe medicine that contained “fetal tissue.” That’s liberal-speak for dead babies killed by liberals.

  1. My comment on here just disappeared since I was using my main ip which for some reason is blocked on our site with wordpress; oh well, here goes another comment on my VPN:

    The Left is nuts and this is one more proof

    1. Hard to believe in same-sex “marriage,” 50 different “genders,” and live birth abortion–but they did all those things. Of course they’re capable of recommending cannibalism with a straight face.

      You can’t find where leftism will bottom out, because there is no bottom to it.

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