‘When It Feels So Good to be Offended’ (2016)

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She just saw a white guy eating Chinese food…

If some of these college jidrools ever had to go a day without being offended, they’d feel like they’d had no day at all.

When It Feels So Good to be Offended

Some of it’s our fault, though: we’re the sad sacks who fund those colleges. We’re paying for the students to learn how to be addle-pated, snarling, upside-down nonentities. Not just in the exorbitant tuition fees we cough up without a murmur of protest; public money, our taxes that we worked for, comes pouring into colleges and looniversities.

I was going to say we deserve a better product than they’re giving us. But do we? Do we?

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  1. This behavior, at its core, is a form of bullying. The “classical” bullying we might have experienced on the playground usually involved some implied threat of physical violence. The kid that threatens to beat up anyone that doesn’t do whatever it is the bully demands of them. As most of us learned, bullies were all talk and rarely, if ever, did they actually do anything but intimidate. (Flash back 50 + years and I had three bullies making my life hell at school. One day all three jumped me and I started swinging; they never bothered me again.)

    The modern phenomenon of taking extreme offense at any and every possible micro aggression is bullying using cultural pressure as a threat. Trump stands up to it all the time and the only thing these cultural bullies can do is call him crazy. It’s a bluff. If we stand up to these people there will be a desperate power play at the moment of confrontation, then they will flee: always.

    1. Actually, the bullies on my playground would wale the tar out of you as soon as look at you. If you stood up to them, they would, with pleasure, beat you up even worse.

  2. Being a “victim” makes you important these days. It gets you lots of attention, it places you in a group that gets lots of attention (so you get a lot of “belonging”), and it makes you and your group impervious to any kind of criticism.

    It could also be called a form of mob hysteria. Being part of a mob does the same for the individual as what I described above. I once read a poem that lamented “how the man dissolves in the mob’s acid.” I wish I could find that poem again.

  3. Here’s the REASON for this particular strategy (links included):
    From Canadian professor Jordan Peterson we learn 1. what drives the current “culture” and everything associated with it, 2. the INTENTION of the driving movement (what it wants), 3. the STRATEGY being used and, finally, 4. the UNDERLYING MINDSET.

    1. The philosophy is Post Modernism (look it up). This is found EVERYWHERE TODAY but especially in academia and in the corridors of power whether politics or the bureaucracy. Post Modernism rejects objective truth, logic, Western Civilization and on and on and on. . . . .
    2. The intention of the movement is the acquisition of POWER.
    3. The strategy is what is noted here, a construction of a society based upon the Oppressed and the Oppressors. Post Modernism is linked with Marxism and communism but once that failed philosophy became known for the horrors inflicted upon those who embraced it, the Post Modernists played down their “partner” and went in another direction in order to achieve the same ends — ruling the world. And finally,
    4. The underlying mindset of Post Modernism/Marxism is RESENTMENT! That is why action, speech and even THOUGHT is being censored. The resentful are not willing to allow the other fellow to HAVE (much less EXPRESS) an opinion that is not held by them, hence those considered “evil” are driven from the public forum without any consideration of human rights. Those who disagree with the Post Modernists (even if they don’t know they ARE Post Modernists) have no rights at all.

    Below are links to various Youtube exposures of Professor Peterson but I would suggest you look soon before they are removed because they “oppress” those who disagree.



    1. Postmodernism: “There’s no true truth, there’s only your truth and our truth–and our truth always wins, because you’re all Haters.”

  4. “Exploding Heads” might be a good name for a hard rock/heavy metal band. There’s a book coming out titled “Woke; A Guide to Social Justice” by a male English comedian using the pseudonym Titania McGrath that mocks PC standards to the nth degree. McGrath (via a phony account) tweets about how to be virtuous without even trying. “I would go so far to say that all knowledge is a patriarchal construct, because it has been acquired over centuries of male totalitarianism. Every time a man speaks, therefore, he is contributing to a culture of androcentricity. ‘

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