‘Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t’ (2018)

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Not that I’d be caught dead doing this…

Let’s see… If you’re a white person and you do yoga, that’s cultural appropriation and that makes you a Racist. But if you don’t do yoga, then you’re rejecting a Minority Culture and not being Multicultural… and that makes you a Racist.

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

I will never believe these vipers acquired power over my country without the most massive fraud in all of history.

Now, of course, we can’t cut off funding to the stupid colleges. We waited too long, and now the bad guys are in the driver’s seat.

Gear up for a long dark night of stupid.

‘When It Feels So Good to be Offended’ (2016)

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She just saw a white guy eating Chinese food…

If some of these college jidrools ever had to go a day without being offended, they’d feel like they’d had no day at all.

When It Feels So Good to be Offended

Some of it’s our fault, though: we’re the sad sacks who fund those colleges. We’re paying for the students to learn how to be addle-pated, snarling, upside-down nonentities. Not just in the exorbitant tuition fees we cough up without a murmur of protest; public money, our taxes that we worked for, comes pouring into colleges and looniversities.

I was going to say we deserve a better product than they’re giving us. But do we? Do we?

I Confess to a Crime

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I don’t know that I can even plead temporary insanity on this one. I mean, really–what was I thinking?

Like, there I was yesterday evening, playing Pogo’s new, dis-improved Mahjong Garden game… and I’m not Chinese! Well! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Hey, is this Cultural Appropriation or what? Boy, howdy, if I was a collidge stodent, they’d lock me in the sweatbox for this.

But I want to be fair. Gotta be fair. I’ll give up all my cultural appropriations if everybody else gives up all theirs. I won’t even eat Chinese food anymore. But what about all the stuff invented by white men? Should persons who aren’t white men be allowed to use it? Electricity, air conditioning, modern transportation–you know the stuff I mean.

Liberalism–turning the whole world into one big chain gang.

Busted! For Cultural Appropriation

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Some 150 people in Medicine Hat, Alberta–including 22 members of a high school orchestra–were arrested last night on charges of cultural appropriation, under a new “protocol” adopted by the Justin Trudeau regime.

“Beethoven was German,” explained Elliot Mess, captain of the city police Bias Response Team, “and that makes his music German. Those people we arrested, they weren’t Germans. None of them. That makes them guilty of cultural appropriation. The fact that it was only a high school band concert is immaterial.”

“I didn’t know it was against the new law for us to play Beethoven’s music!” said 16-year-old violinist Liu Chia-Hui. “I love Beethoven! We all love Beethoven! His music belongs to all the world!”

“Wait’ll he tries to sell that line in sensitivity training,” said Mess. “He’ll wish his father never met his mother.

“Cultural appropriation is a form of hate. If you are not German, listening to German music, or performing it, is an act of anti-German aggression. It’s taking something that does not belong to you. That little smart-aleck Liu should’ve stuck to playing Chinese music–and on Chinese musical instruments only!”

Music teacher and band conductor Deirdre O’Connor, also arrested, “is in for a really hard time,” Mess said. “We’re not going to go easy on the ringleader!”

“We won’t stop,” he added, “until all of Canada is 100 percent hate-free! And there’ll be no more cultural appropriation.”

‘When It Feels So Good to be Offended’ (2016)

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Gee, isn’t that cultural appropriation, too?

If a Christian were to actively pursue martyrdom as a means of showing the world he’s a better Christian than anybody else, I’m pretty sure that would be a heresy.

But it’s pretty close to what compels leftids to yowl and howl because everything normal people say or do offends them. Even truly meaningless asininities like “cultural appropriation.”

When It Feels So Good to be Offended

Now to try to attach a picture to this post. I’ll be amazed if it succeeds. It it won’t, well, at least “WannaBe” is on the case.

Liberals on Halloween: No Fun Allowed

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What’s the worst thing about living under liberals? It’s gotta be the sheer dull dreariness of it all, Political Correctness like a millstone tied around your neck, everything you say and everything you do is under constant scrutiny ’cause you might be a Racist and not even know it… Please.

Today is Halloween, and Far Left Crazies have been working tirelessly to take all the fun out of it. Their weapon against normal people on Oct. 31 is the charge of “cultural appropriation.” And what is cultural appropriation? Law professor Jonathan Turley explains:

“The reason behind such limitless forms of cultural appropriation is its limitless meaning” (https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/413813-cultural-appropriation-turns-halloween-into-a-nightmare).

Bullseye! Because its meaning is so hopelessly broad–“unauthorized use” of, like, anything pertaining to some culture or nation other than your own (But what if you personally identify as being of that culture, even if you’re not? They haven’t thought this through)–that it can’t really have a meaning.

What if someone said, “Hey, cars and air  conditioning were invented by white people–you people of color can’t use ’em anymore”? If you are Mexican, does that mean you have to wear a sombrero and serape?

Like all the rest of liberalism, the whole thing’s too ridiculous for words.

Well, if you want to live your life grappling with inner conflicts like, “Gee, does my kid’s Halloween costume make me a racist?”, just let libs get back in power and they’ll do the rest. As a CNN noozie so candidly said, “Dear white people… your feelings don’t matter.”

Voter, you can turn yourself off, or turn them off. The choice is yours.

‘Oy, Rodney’ Slammed for *C*u*l*t*u*r*a*l* Appropriation (!)

As if any of this were my fault, the Violet Crepuscular Society of Central Africa has hit this blog with a demand that we cease and desist all Oy, Rodney posts already. It seems these are a flagrant example of Cultural Appropriation.

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The violet crepuscular skipper butterfly

How so? Well, there is a butterfly in Africa called the “violet crepuscular skipper”–honest, you could look it up (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gretna_carmen). And for Violet Crepuscular to call herself Violet Crepuscular without the consent of the Violet Crepuscular Society of Central Africa and its chapters in the Ivory Cost, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic (yeah, right) of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia is, according to the Society, “the worst example we have ever seen of very bad behavior.”

I don’t know what will happen if I continue to publish Oy, Rodney. Nor do I know what will happen if I stop, other than Ms. Crepuscular getting somewhat cross with me. I’ve got to ponder the situation, as Rocky Graziano used to say.

Stay tuned.

Fight Cultural Appropriation!

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It ain’t Social Justice to take things from another culture–be it a costume, a kind of music, a cuisine, whatever–and just go ahead and use them as if they belonged to your own no-good stupid culture. That’s called Cultural Appropriation, and it’s got to stop.

Dr. Hamilcar Suzuki, president of the Phoenician Movement for Sure (PMS), wants the alphabet back.

“We invented it, back in ancient times, and it’s our stuff and we want it back!” declares Suzuki. “All over the world, people and other Racists use our alphabet without so much as a by-your-leave, to say nothing of payment of due royalties and residuals. The Greeks stole the alphabet from us, the Romans stole it from the Greeks, and now everybody’s got it and we don’t see a dime of what’s coming to us! Say hey, if you won’t pay, then you can’t play! It’s our alphabet, they have to pay to use it, and if they won’t, then let ’em use that crummy old cuneiform or Egyptian hieroglyphics.”

Although PMS currently has only two members, Dr. Suzuki and his niece, Wanda, the United Nations has recognized it as a bona fide non-governmental organization and granted it a seat among its official NGOs.

“Anyone who wants to use the alphabet can now pay for it through the UN,” Suzuki says. “Make checks payable to cash–and strike a blow for Social Justice while you’re at it.”

You Can’t Wear a Chinese Dress?

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(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

With so much serious bad stuff going on–like, for instance, the Supreme Court getting ready to decide that “gays” and government can pre-emptively determine the content of works of art–you might wonder why we bother with a story like this.

A Utah high school girl is at the center of a Twitter typhoon because she wore a Chinese-style dress to her senior prom… and she’s not Chinese (http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/05/01/shaming-teen-for-wearing-racist-dress-to-prom-is-crazy-where-does-nonsense-cultural-appropriation-end.html). That makes her guilty of the crime of “cultural appropriation.” Tens of thousands of tweets have been generated, condemning her as a [trumpet fanfare]… Racist.

The same schmendricks who rip her for that will call you a Racist if you say you don’t like Chinese or Mexican food. Really, you can’t win.

This trivial incident shows us that leftid race obsession and overall damn foolishness has trickled down to the very foundations of our culture. Everything any normal person does offends them. This has gone beyond mere politics, crossing the line into the wonderful world of mental illness.

These lost souls on the Left hate everything. You name it, it makes them angry. We wouldn’t care, except that they own our colleges and universities, our nooze media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party. They are well able to annoy us, and worse.

Could we, like, please, stop listening to them? Stop apologizing to them. Stop groveling. Stop trying to answer them: they don’t deserve an answer. Just ignore them, as if they literally weren’t there.

Stop giving them the power to screw up our world.


Libs Love Racial Conflict

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(Note: The link to the New York Times piece is embedded in the InfoWars article. I was not able to transport it to this post.)

I was already tired of the hype for the new freakin’ comic book superhero movie, The Black Panther. And then along comes The New York Times to “investigate” whether white children should be allowed–allowed?–to wear a Black Panther mask (https://www.infowars.com/nyt-investigates-if-white-children-can-wear-black-panther-mask/).

I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t intend to, because I outgrew comic books a long time ago. I will say the stars’ hearts seem to be in the right place, which is refreshing: they say they’re happy that white kids see them as heroes and want to pretend to be them. I think that’s just how it ought to be.

But then I’m not a New York Times-style white liberal trying to foment racial discord because that’s what makes a perverted leftid moron feel righteous.

The NYT article is headed by a tear-jerking cartoon of some poor sad little black boy whose mother can’t buy him a Black Panther costume because some mean little white boy got the last one on the shelves. This is supposed to make us emit steam from our ears, contemplating the injustice of it all.

White kids shouldn’t play Black Panther, says the Times, ’cause it might be an “unwitting form of cultural appropriation.” More steam. Hey, how about we white folks get all huffy about cultural appropriation when folks who are not white use, say, electric lighting? But we don’t do that because it would be ridiculous.

The NYT also ponders “how Black Panther’s blackness should figure into their children’s relationship to the character.” White liberals are obsessed with race. It’s not healthy. They ought to have themselves seen to: sounds like they might have something wrong between the ears.

We could probably achieve racial harmony, through cultural homogenization, if only liberals would let us alone and let us do it.

But racial harmony is the very last thing they want to see.