‘Dog Poop Bags Left Everywhere You Look’

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Where the country’s headed–San Francisco’s already there.

We’re seeing more and more of those little plastic bags strewn around the neighborhood.

Dog Poop Bags Left Everywhere You Look

It’s not just the dog poop anymore. People love to throw their fast food waste here, there, and everywhere. The coarsening of our culture proceeds apace. Soda containers, bags containing uneaten french fries with clotted catsup, and those little plastic bottles of vodka–the only people who will benefit from this are archaeologists.

This is the stuff that will tell them who we were.

6 comments on “‘Dog Poop Bags Left Everywhere You Look’

  1. Always reminds me of Amos 7:17 (depending on which translations you read) says “…and you shall die in a polluted land..”
    This is so pathetic. Just as people have no respect for one another, neither do they have any regard for the beautiful earth which the Lord created for our benefit.

  2. Has anyone noticed that this weekend in Hong Kong the protesters were carrying American flags and singing our national anthem? America is still the light of freedom in the world. What needs to take place in our fair land is a change of character. And who can be examples and leaders of good character? Christians filled with the Spirit. The ball is in our court.

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