‘I’m Not Writing Anything Today’ (2013)

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Just like the one Grandma had

This piece properly belongs with the Thanksgiving season; but I had a desire to pay a little tribute to my grandma, my mother’s mother.

I’m Not Writing Anything Today

I was only eleven when she died. Hers was the first funeral I ever went to. She went to bed one night and quietly passed away: no doctors, no hospital, no fuss. She’d raised six daughters in her time, plucked innumerable chickens (they had a chicken coop in the back yard: no one in this town has chickens today), and canned everything that Grandpa grew.

One of my earliest memories is sitting on her lap, fascinated, while she showed me how her sewing machine worked.

Yes, I still miss her.

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  1. This sounds so much like my own maternal grandmother, it is amazing.
    She did all those things, raised three daughters and two sons. She was also a very gifted seamstress, making clothes for me that would be the envy of the best couture today, and she repaired her own sewing machine. In my early years, she was my hero and I loved her so much. She seemed to understand me better than anyone else. I still think of her often.

  2. Such a sweet memory! When I was little, my grandmother used to call me to thread the needle in her sewing machine for her. It made me feel really important at the time, but now I have the same difficulty if I don’t have my reading glasses!

  3. Tell me about it, Heidi. Anything that requires doing anything with anything small is a real chore for me, even with my glasses. whew!

    1. I thought us near-sighted folks were best as seeing little things up close. I take my glasses off to do fine work like that. Only these new ones I got last year don’t have to come off very often.

  4. When we first married 41 years ago, my wife had a sewing machine similar to the one in the picture, but today she has one with a computer which helps with the quilts she loves to make for gifts. My younger brother is a Democrat so we do not talk politics. He gets his news from The Daily Show. My mother was a great seamstress also.

    1. How about that? My younger brother is a Democrat, too, and you can’t talk politics with him: he will quite literally freak out if he encounters an opinion at variance with his own. Why are Democrats like that? Is it because they know, deep down inside, that the party they support is not only foolish and irrational, but downright evil?

  5. Reading glasses pretty much travel everywhere with me since I sent what I thought was a sensitive emoji with a little teardrop to my daughter…but without my reading glasses I actually sent her one with a nose bubble! Cheered her up though 🙂

    My trivia answer is Arachosia. And I really am playing just for fun, if I should happen to win, donate my SUV to Joshua!

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