Dogs Who Didn’t Plan Ahead

Does this ever happen to you? You crawl under the couch or the bed, or burrow down between a couple of cushions–and you get stuck, you can’t get out again. Isn’t that embarrassing? Especially when it’s in front of company…

No? You haven’t had the experience? Well, a lot of dogs have; and you’ll see some of them in this video.

Always make sure you can get out before you go in! (Gee, that sounds like Sun Tzu…)

6 comments on “Dogs Who Didn’t Plan Ahead

  1. Our dog only gets her toys caught, not herself so far, but the goats are a different story. One or two of them have horns, and they get caught in the fence. Today, I had to go down and extricate one of them.

  2. Quite the predicament some of those pooches have gotten into. In the restitution of all things, human furniture will have to be made so that dogs can’t be caught underneath. 🙂

  3. The goats are a larger species, usually used as meat animals, sometimes milking goats. They are tough critters.

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