When a Cat Gets Stuck for an Idea

I selected this video because it includes an episode of a cat getting stuck in a dollhouse. I had never seen that before, and had no idea that it was even possible.

My Aunt Florence, when she was a little girl, once got her head stuck in a bed frame and Grandpa had to take the thing apart. I wonder if this dollhouse met the same fate.

5 comments on “When a Cat Gets Stuck for an Idea

  1. God gives pussy cats whiskers on their cheeks and over their eyes so they can tell if they can “fit through” spaces. I guess there are those pussy cats who don’t bother to use them.

    1. Yes–it’s “I’m cool, I’m cool, it didn’t bother me a bit.” Our cat Buster used to jump practically into a somersault if you scuffed your foot on the floor as he walked past–and he would always make like nothing happened.

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