‘So What Are You Doing With Your Life?’ (2015)

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It’s starting to look like some weird cult

Since I wrote this in 2015, and re-posted it two years ago, I seem to be seeing even more people with cellphones pressed to their heads, or peering intently at other hand-held electronic devices (https://leeduigon.com/2015/06/02/so-what-are-you-doing-with-your-life/).

The main question is: If you’re going to bury yourself in media for 12 hours a day, what about the content? How much filth and weirdness can anyone consume without it affecting his soul? I mean, if somebody tried to get you to listen to sermons for 12 hours, you’d never stand for it…

I don’t have any of those doodads so I don’t know what people are looking at or listening to.

It sure stops the conversation, though. I’m convinced there are people out there who are so deeply immersed in media, they never talk at all.

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  1. The fact that she already had a t-shirt printed up makes me think she’s trolling AOC, Then again it sounds exactally like something her climate hysteria followers would say, and didn’t Newsweek tell us to rethink cannibalism? Either way you would think AOC would denounce the whole baby eating part.

  2. Like everything else, it’s a matter of choice. You can use media (or any other tool/activity) to fill your time and mind with soul-killing garbage, or you can do something edifying with it. The fact that people lack the discipline to use good judgment and moderation is the symptom of a larger problem.

    To answer your question about what people are doing with their tech, I can only speak for myself. I do have a fancy phone and use media a lot, I admit. But I largely use it for communication with family, for reading (clean and/or Christian books, yours among them), for author related marketing, and for learning how to do things. I’ve been learning how to sew lately by taking video classes, as well as how to grow garden vegetables in containers. I use it to research info for my books, and even listen to sermons now and again. Right now I’m using it to read your blog digest and write this comment. 🙂 My phone is a great educational tool. Playing simple games or watching old shows/movies on it is fun, too, and a good stress reliever. But balance is important, of course. There is such a thing as too much screen time, even when the content is positive. All of us need time in the “real world”, interacting with actual people.

    1. I always have my phone with me. Partially that’s for safety, and also so my family can reach me when I’m out. I’ve also been known to read, check emails, or play games when I am stuck in line with nothing else to do. If it’s a drive-thru line (like at the pharmacy) there is no one else to talk to anyway.

    2. I had a chance to acquire a portable phone while I was still a newspaperman, but I passed it up, big-time. No way I wanted people to be calling me while I was doing something else. Didn’t want them knowing how to find me.

    3. I can understand that. 🙂 I don’t actually get a lot of calls, but I only answer the numbers I recognize. The junk callers just hang up. Anyone important leaves a voicemail. Phones have advanced a lot since you were offered one. 🙂 Mine is more like a tablet or portable computer. It does just about everything.

    4. I’m with you, Weavingword, I love all this technology because I use it for my edification by being discriminate of what I read and watch. I do not use Alexa or Siri, I don’t trust them. Have you ever watched the Eric Metaxis Show on TBN using his YourTube channel? He interviews the true movers and shakers in Christiandom today – and he is funny.

  3. I bought a cell phone from Tracphone. It costs me $3.00/month. No one knows my number but my wife, daughter, and sister. I use it for emergencies (like when I am at the store and forgot which brand of Mayo I am suppose to get) and for my sub-teach job. My wife has an iPhone and likes to send pictures to family & friends of the quilts and stuff she makes. My daughter calls her mom several times a day – I love to hear them laughing on the phone.

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