Lawyer Insists, ‘I Am Not a Cat’

Bonus video for the few, the proud, who actually visit here this evening! (Yes, I know it’s supposed to snow again.)

Somehow this lawyer, trying to have a Zoom conference with a judge, wound up with a cat speaking all his lines. Of course he didn’t know how to fix it. Neither did the judge. So they had to let the cat talk.

Is it possible we have more technology than we can handle?

‘Google Gizmo “Disables” Religious References’ (2018)

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Today’s idols, tomorrow’s junk

Actually, they only disabled references to Jesus. Only the true religion stumps Google.

Google Gizmo ‘Disables’ Religious References

Where do people think computers get their “smarts” from? Do you think a Google gizmo can “know” anything that some human programmer didn’t put in?

Sometimes we, as Christians, have to purchase goods and services from non-Christians, or even from bad people–because that’s the fallen world we live in. But God forbid we should ever turn to Google for any kind of guidance.

“Alexa, what must I do to be saved?” is a foolish question.

‘Are You Ready to Receive the Mark?’ (2017)

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You won’t be able to see if after it’s implanted.

Oh, boy! We can have microchips implanted in our hands!

But for the time being we’ll settle for mandatory face masks and mandatory vaccines and antisocial distancing.

Are You Ready to Receive the Mark?

Several of you noted with horror that no one showed even the least misgiving about having a chip in one’s hand. Hey, if it’s new, it must be good! And it’s computerized, so what could possibly go wrong? And we all know that hi-tech stuff can never be used for evil purposes–don’t we?

‘Big Brother Is Listening… and He’s an Idiot’ (2017)

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That nice man on the television told Alexa to buy this for us!

Do you like being spied on by robots–your every move, your every word, reported to–well, you don’t know that, do you?

Big Brother is Listening… and He’s an Idiot

Okay, so “Alexa” is a mindless machine and does things without thinking about them because that’s what it’s been programmed to do. And isn’t that funny, tee-hee, you just got this expensive doll house that you never ordered!

But the purpose of these “smart” devices, the bottom line, is to spy on you and collect information for someone who wants either your money or your life. I make a point of not having them in my home.

Then again, they’ll know where to find me when they want to break some eggs for their socialist omelet.

Our New Modem (Ulp!)

How to Replace an Internet Modem (Modem Swap) | Spectrum Support

Our new modem has arrived. The guy at Verizon said it’d solve our problems–no more losing our connection to the Internet.

It came with several pages of instructions and warnings and, for all I know, prophecies, all in a typeface that makes legal notices look like screaming headlines.

The last time we got a modem, all we had to do was plug it in. Well, that’s changed.

We’re going to have to get a professional to install this for us. I mean, we just can’t make head nor tail of it. What happens if you put the wrong cable into the wrong outlet? We don’t want to go blundering into The Last Days of Pompeii, do we?

Life keeps getting more and more complicated.

My Computers Are Revolting!

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You may have noticed I’m running late today. Actually, I’m surprised I’m running at all.

Our computer here has done everything in its power to keep me from posting my blog or editing The Wind from Heaven. It’s gone totally haywire. No more Facebook. And just to get on my stats page requires a lot of slippery maneuvers that are hard to remember.

The laptop isn’t messed up yet–only I can’t use that one because it’s taking all morning to install an update.

Yesterday was a hoot. Suddenly my blog posts were all light-blue letters on a grey background–just about impossible to read! That had me climbing the wall. My webmaster out in California fixed it: she had inadvertently changed some things as she went about some cyber-housekeeping chores.

But now our Google search engine won’t search for anything, it’s real hard to see comments on the blog, Facebook postings are now impossible–and I’ve heard from a couple readers that their computers are on strike, too. Refusing to perform basic functions.

Hey! How about this for a fantastic idea? Let’s hook up our cars to be driven by computers!!! Ain’t that a peach? And then we can put computers in charge of our nuclear missiles–what fun! What could possibly go wrong?

When I Taught Engineering Students

Engineers Students Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Many years ago, I had a job teaching developmental reading to college students–not quite the same as “speed reading,” because it also worked to increase comprehension. It was a six-week course, and then I’d move on to another college.

My first gig was at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York–and what a view my classroom window had of the Hudson River valley!

Before I could start the class, I had a cordial meeting with the dean. Toward the end, he said something I didn’t expect:

“These are good kids, and very, very smart. But they’re also such stiffs! All science, all the time. Please, see if you can do anything to loosen them up a little.” (I’m glad to be able to report I did. I made my teaching a tiny bit eccentric.)

I remember that conversation because I understand, now, what the dean was getting at. He was afraid his students would grow up to be tunnel-visioned. Unable to relate to life outside their own narrow field of specialization.

There comes a point in real life, and in public life, where decision-makers have to go beyond whatever advice they’re getting from their expert advisors. Because there’s so much that the experts don’t know. Like, how most people live. Designing and building bridges that don’t fall down is important; but understanding and relating to the people who have to use the bridge, that’s important, too. We are not machines, and we have vital needs that mere science cannot meet.

Something to keep in mind, these days…

‘Zillionaire to Build Robo-Nanny’ (2016)

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If people had the kind of ideas before they were rich like they dreamed up after they were rich, they never would have gotten rich.

Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a robot to take care of his baby daughter. Honk if you think that’s a good idea.

Zillionaire to Build Robo-Nanny

Well, okay, sure–it’s a great idea for a 1950s science fiction/horror movie. But is it really, truly, hard to believe that sinful, foolish, uninformed, frightened, deluded human beings can’t create “intelligence” that’s wiser than themselves?

My Horrible Day So Far

Image result for images of man screaming in frustration

“We have encountered a technical problem,” simpers the evil computer. “Please try again later.” And again, and again, and again…

I knocked myself out yesterday to write a Newswithviews column, and then the unspeakable devil of a computer refused to send it. This morning we tried for going on 90 minutes to get the thing to work. I even typed the freakin’ column all over again so I could send it on the other machine—with exactly the same result!

I admit I screamed and pounded on the floor.

And of course we couldn’t buy all our regular groceries yesterday, although I was in the store for twice as long as normally, so we had to go back out today and try Whole Foods. It’s not my kind of store. I want regular working-class food, not this hoity-toity past lives stuff. Well, at least I was able to get wax paper, lettuce, and eggs.

I don’t know about you, but for both Patty and me, this Chinese Death Monster Virus scare has begun to take on an air of unreality. Like, are we stuck in some stupid movie somewhere? Is Kevin Kostner going to turn up in our parking lot?

And it’s kind of like being poor, only you have money… but what good is money if there’s nothing you can buy with it? I am too old to take up a whole new way of life, that of being poverty-stricken.

And still I can’t send the flippin’ email. The computer says no, not allowed.

I hate technology.

What Have They Done to Me?

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I wake up this morning and find everything on this computer changed. Microsoft has officially ceased to support Windows 7. It took me ten years to learn what little I know on Windows 7.

So here I am on WordPress and the whole appearance of it, every page of it, has been changed to this ugly, stripped-down look and I don’t know what to do about it. Probably they’ve arranged it so you can never, ever, get it back the way it was. Sort of the way Democrats tear down and pave over woodlands, so that after a while the places you grew up with seem like you only dreamed them.

Well, let me see if I can find a hymn for you…