Why Cats Make Nice Pets

What–nicer than wolf spiders? Well, yeah–even nicer than wolf spiders.

No excitement, no comedy here. Just some of those moments that make us love our cats. If you don’t have one, think about the things that make you love your dog, your hamster, your iguana, or whoever. Every animal brings something special to us humans.

10 comments on “Why Cats Make Nice Pets

  1. “When a cat just exists and does its own thing.”

    That one says a lot to me. Cats have such obvious individuality that I find it an honor to be in their company. Whatever a cat is doing, they are doing deliberately. If they take time to interact with a human, they obviously think highly of the human.

    Today was a busy day, with people coming and going and I had to hold onto my cat while all this was happening. Now, she is not inclined to be held. She hates it and makes this apparent quite vociferously. But at one point I had to hold onto her for about ten minutes. She made all sorts of noises, including some chuffing sounds, and pushed against my hands, but not once did she use her claws or even nip at me. She knows the boundaries.

    1. Nope, I just had a lot happening at the house and people coming and going. At one point, there was someone here doing some work and they needed to go in and out at will in order to accomplish their task. She was not happy with being locked up, so for about ten minutes, I held her. She didn’t like that much better, and that was the incident I was talking about. Much to her credit, she complained, struggled and tried to break free, but the claws remained sheathed and she never even tried to nip, not to mention bite.

    2. Our cat Buster used to like to help plumbers and TV repairmen. As long as he didn’t hop onto anyone’s back while they were working, I let him have his way.

    3. My little one is friendly to visitors, for the most part, but if she is given the chance, she will morph into a blacksmith and make a bolt for the door, so I have to restrain her.

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