Today So Far

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I should’ve stationed a prairie dog on my calendar to squeak out an alarm when a day like this is coming up.

It’s cold and wet outside, but not actually raining (I think), so I’ll have to go out and try to get some work done on my book. We were going to go to the bank today to wrestle with more of Aunt Joan’s financial affairs a year and a half after her death–it just never ends–but Patty was too tired for it this morning. So let’s see if I can do any writing out there.

But first my Facebook share button mysteriously disappeared. Unable to re-connect, I had to contact the WordPress Happiness Engineer. Before he could address the problem, it went away. Just a temporary glitch.

By then I had received a comment from a lib who suggested I just stop blogging altogether because I have “nothing to say”–as opposed to, say, Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi–and oh, yeah, my Byron the Quokka posts stink, too. After a few minutes I decided to delete her comment. After all, we have a comment contest running and I don’t want a jerk like that to affect the results.

And now to go see if I can dry off my chair.

8 comments on “Today So Far

  1. Blessings on your efforts. The weather here is pretty nasty so far today.
    The wind blew like a hurricane all night and is still going crazy. The sun will shine for about 15 minutes, then heavy clouds, sprinkles and fog. Oh, well,
    I’m glad I don’t have to go far today.

  2. We need you, Mr. Duigon! Don’t stop blogging!
    Thank you for the Carroll Roberson hymn! Those are good lyrics! (I commented here because, I’m sorry to say, the comments are disabled on “He’s All That I Need”…)
    I would like to request “I Must Tell Jesus” by Fountainview Academy. Here’s the link…
    Thank you! 😉

  3. Stop blogging?? You almost gave me a heart-attack 🙂 I had a weird day day yesterday. On my way to a school to sub teach my battery light went on, then my car overheated so I turned around and went home to get my wife’s car. And then things went downhill from there, and it was Yom Kippur day.

    1. The troll is back today, but I’m going to delete his/her comment unread. I have an idea who it is, but can’t prove it and it’s not worth any effort to find out.

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