‘How to Write a YA Best-Seller’ (2015)

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Note the black belt. That’s one deadly nine-year-old.

Wanna buy some prime Florida swampland?

Having read and reviewed so many of them, I now know how to write a Young Adults best-seller. But what excuse could I ever have to write stuff like this?

How to Write a YA Best-Seller

Lots and lots of power over other people isn’t good for anyone, regardless of age. Offering it to children is just plain crazy.

But I also monitor the news. And correct me if I’m wrong–but aren’t there suddenly a lot of supposed adults out there taking their marching orders from children?

It can’t possibly turn out well for us.

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  1. Looking back, the America of the late fifties and early sixties was governed by Christian principles to a far greater degree than it is now. I recall that some of the teachers I encountered seemed to have an agenda against this and, as students, we were exposed to subtle encouragement to defy the moral standards of our day. This is nothing new, there have been pagan and New Age influences for a long time, but what has changed is the preponderance of these, which has come about as the older generations have passed on.

    This is why we see subtle pagan influence in so many places. Frequently marketed as “tolerance” or “diversity”, these relentlessly chip away at the moral fabric of our society, and sadly to great effect.

  2. Senator Elizabeth Warren at the LBGY CNN Townhall that lasted seven hours, used a nine-year old boy who announced in his question for her that he/she was a transgender, and the crowd exploded in applause and yelling in approval. What a mind-set the devil has wrought.

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