Eccentric Dog & Killjoy Cats

These four or five cats will not let the neighbors’ dog come onto their property. The dog is convinced it’s a game; you can tell that by his body language. And maybe it is–note how careful the cats are never to actually catch him. I’m sure they could, if they really wanted to. Yes, I think it is a game. These critters are a lot more sophisticated than we give them credit for.

P.S.–You can’t get fence lizards to do things like this.

5 comments on “Eccentric Dog & Killjoy Cats

  1. I think that the cats were only half serious. If the dog had done anything remotely hostile, the claws would have come out, but they were obviously not scared and, as Lee pointed out, they never actually caught the dog; that wasn’t the point.

    My cat will sometimes assume the most hostile, potentially violent, postures imaginable when we’re playing, but there’s never any claws involved.

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