A Judo Peeve

From time to time I like to look at videos of judo techniques, to see how much I remember. Although my first judo lessons were self-taught, out of a book (my throws weren’t perfect, but they did work), later I had instructors trained in the Kodokan–Japan’s premiere judo academy. These were the best teachers you could get, outside of the Kodokan itself.

The video above demonstrates a hip throw called hane-goshi. And I don’t know about now, but back in the 1960s my Kodokan instructors would have laughed themselves silly over this.

Because, when the supposed master goes to perform the throw, he goes into a windup that would telegraph the throw from a mile away; and any opponent with his wits about him, by a simple flick of the wrist, would have this guy face-down on the canvas before you could say “sayonara baka.”

I mean, really, took at that: just before he rushes in for the throw, just after he’s taken a long step backward to let the opponent know it’s coming, he is totally off-balance, and if he weren’t hanging onto the other guy, he’d fall down without anyone having to push or pull him down.

I know, I know–most of you aren’t into judo, why should you care if they don’t teach it correctly anymore?

Because judo is only one thing that isn’t taught correctly anymore; and most of those things are a lot more important than judo.

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