You Can’t Satirize the U.N.

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Human rights, anyone?

I give up: you can’t satirize the United Nations.

Why not? Because the UN satirizes itself.

A few days ago they appointed Venezuela, dictator and all, to what they laughingly call their UN Human Rights Council ( Venezuela will be replacing dear old Castro Cuba as the UN’s favorite dictatorship. Other titans of liberty and human dignity sitting on the (ahem!) Human Rights Council include Indonesia, Mauretania, Libya, and Sudan.

Not only did the UN opt for Nick Maduro’s zoo animal-eating, toilet paper-short, throw-em-all-in-jail-if-they-don’t-like-it, scads-of-people-fleeing-the-country miserable imitation of a country: they rejected Costa Rica. You know–that Central American country with durable, well-established democratic institutions, a rule of law, and other amenities. A country in which “human rights” actually exist.

Why do we continue to allow the United Nations, this towering monument to hypocrisy, squat there in the heart of New York City? Why do we continue to fund it?

Figure that one out and win a Nobel prize!

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