Friendly (Sort Of) Dragons

My iguana had dog and cat friends, and loved to cuddle with them. Today the Australian bearded lizard is a very popular pet, and is able to make friends with the mammals in the house. Sometimes.

Some of these dogs and cats get the threat display from the lizard, and some don’t. You will notice the squirrel–not a member of the household–gets head-bobbed pretty good. The parakeet’s attentions don’t go over too big, either. But none of the kittens or puppies is in any danger of getting bitten, and in time they’ll be cuddle-buddies with the lizard.

Some of them, at least.

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  1. That’s fun to watch. The one kitten was going through her entire taxonomy and couldn’t find an entry that fit that lizard. 🙂 She seemed truly puzzled by such an unusual creature. The lizards, seemed unafraid of pretty much all of these animals.

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