Cats & Balloons

Balloons were invented (by the Hittites, I believe: them or the Canadians) to be fun for human beings. But they’re fun for cats, too.

Our cats, Robbie and Peep, are much too timid to tangle with balloons. Otherwise I’d buy them some. Most of the cats in this video don’t freak out when they burst the balloon. But I know two cats who would have nightmares about that for a week.

3 comments on “Cats & Balloons

  1. Most of them seem surprised if the balloon breaks, but not so frightened. I felt sorry for that little Siamese, early on that couldn’t figure out why the balloon was clinging to it.

  2. Hey, don’t be blamin’ us Canucks for stuff. You guys invented Trump, and my dogs are scared shitless… wait, check the floor…. no, that’s not right. 😳 😆

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