Here We Are at the Vet’s


I’m writing this on Tuesday, to be posted on Wednesday, because I won’t be here on Wednesday. As you read this, Peep and I are sitting in the veterinarian’s waiting room, she meowing piteously from the depths of the cat carrier, waiting for her to get examined.

The vet called over the weekend with news of Robbie’s blood work–a clean bill of health. So I’m hopeful Peep will be all right, too. Both cats are drinking a lot of water and peeing to beat the band. I was very worried about that; but Robbie’s doing it too, and she’s okay.

Please pray we get no bad news.

10 comments on “Here We Are at the Vet’s

    1. When Robbie had that, she was losing weight and acting hyper. Peep hasn’t done any of that. Well, the blood work will tell.

    2. When my little cat had hyperthyroid problems she went through a lot of water. My first suspicion was diabetes, but that turned out not to be the case.

    3. Well, at least hyperthyroid isn’t hard to control. God help us if it’s diabetes. But the vet thought Peep looks pretty healthy.

  1. Praying for you and your kitties. I’ve been through serious health issues with mine recently and it’s difficult. Hope Peep still has lots of good years left.

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