Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

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He turned it into a charity and they tried to destroy him

When 24-year-old Carson King turned a personal lucky streak into a nationwide charity, in partnership with Anhueser-Busch, a reporter for the Des Moines Register dug into his past and found some 10-year-old social media posts in which the then 14-year-old King was seen “quoting a non-politically correct comedian.”

The reporter, Aaron Calvin of the Des Moines Register, was all set to pounce; but King beat him to it by revealing his own “mistakes” in his past–and how about that, it’s the reporter who winds up face-down in the puddle (

Instead of turning against King, the public turned on the Register and its reporter for trying to destroy someone who was helping others. The Register’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints. And then they found out that Mr. Calvin himself has some pretty “un-inclusive” tweets on Twitter, from years ago; and so, having failed to “cancel” Carson King, the reporter got “canceled” instead.

This is our brand-new shiny “cancel culture”–you chop somebody down by revealing punishable things he once said or wrote or thought. Once you put a comment anywhere on social media, someone’s bound to find it. They might even find it ten years later and use it to turn you into an un-person. To “cancel” you because ten years ago you said you saw an old Amos and Andy episode and liked it–or something equally blameworthy.

The thing Plutarch didn’t like about democracies was that whenever anyone in a democracy looked like achieving any kind of excellence, they chopped him down. He should see it now.

So boo-hoo, Aaron Calvin’s fired for some idle remarks he once made, years ago–not a dry eye in the house.

And “journalists” wonder why regular people detest them.

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  1. I remember this story. There is a sort of eternal condemnation where anything you said years ago can and will be used against you for the rest of your life. Thank goodness God\Jesus doesn’t work that way.

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