Pussycats’ Perfume

None of our cats has ever had that silent barf reaction to a strange smell. I wonder why.

They all did the open-mouth thing, but that’s because cats have Jacobsen’s organs and we don’t. When they make that face, it’s because they’re using that sense to evaluate a smell.

But that business of making like the dinner you just put down for them is a lot of poop that has to be buried, toot-sweet–not very subtle, is it?

6 comments on “Pussycats’ Perfume

  1. I have heard that the open mouth reaction is actually a cat drawing a scent in deeper in order to examine it more closely. I would surmise that the silent barf reaction is when a scent overwhelms their olfactory sense and they are trying to expel it.

    I once had a cat that sniffed everything I ate or drank. If the drink happened to contain alcohol, she would react by jerking her head back as quickly as possible. If my current cat senses alcohol, she’ll stick her nose in the glass and help herself. When I first brought her home, I caught her lapping up a Bailey’s Irish Cream. Well, I’ve always been willing to share. 🙂

    1. I like to let my cats sample different things, see how they smell. If they don’t like it, they just turn away. They save the open-mouth reaction for really unusual smells.

  2. I’m still congratulating myself on “he untied the knot badly and said ‘not bad Lee’”. I believe that the Nobel Prize for Crespucularities is in the bag for that one. 🙂

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